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10-year-old girl asks her 72-year-old grandpa to dance with her in tap recital

If you will ask a child about their favorite person in the world, you’d probably think it is either their dad or mom. In reality, most children would answer neither from the two… instead of choosing their parents, kids prefer their grandparents even more!

According to Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a licensed clinical psychologist in Denver, this is due to the fact that grandparents are better in understanding child’s signals, forming a secure attachment from the child as a result.

In the case of the 10-year-old Maeve, her 72-year-old grandpa is one of the members of her family closest to her heart. In fact, when the adorable little girl needed a partner to perform in her summer dance recital, she had chosen to seize the moment with her grandpa right by her side.

When the hopeful girl asked her supportive grandpa to be her tap dance partner, her 72-year-old grandpa was beyond thrilled. Not wanting to disappoint their other family members who were looking forward to their performance, the granddaughter and grandfather practiced their routine.

Taking only 6 classes to learn the basics of tap dancing, the two of them worked hard to perfect their routine that definitely wowed the audience.

When the time of their performance came, Maeve felt the butterflies on her stomach. Surprisingly, her cool grandpa did not look nervous or anxious at all! To shrug the jittery feeling away, the adorable little girl took a deep breath before dancing away with her grandpa.

The lovely pair wore matching colors, her grandpa wore a blue polo shirt while the young Maeve donned her beautiful blue and white striped dress. And when the music filled the air, Maeve and her grandpa clapped their hands and tapped their feet as they danced their hearts out.

Surprisingly, although they are generations apart from each other, watching their amazing tap dance performance simply shows that her grandpa still got groove! Despite him being 72-year-old, the groovy grandpa was able to match the energy and gracefulness shown by his talented granddaughter.

Their tap dance performance is such a pleasant act to watch that the crowd couldn’t help but cheer for them.

Even more, Maeve’s grandpa did not let their tap dance number end without a bang. Truly proving that age is but a number, the 72-year-old grandpa pulled a cartwheel move which sent the crowd standing on their feet!

The supportive and equally talented grandpa then gave his adorable Maeve a kiss on the forehead right after their dance number.

When Maeve’s mother watched the tap dance number, again and again, she knew she had to share the heartwarming performance to friends and other family members. Proud by the performance of the two people she loves, Maeve’s mom posted the video on her social media account. Soon after, it became viral and garnered more than 200,000 views!

Truly, nothing beats the love grandparents hold for their grandchildren! Years later, Maeve will look back at this day and wish she could dance with her supportive and loving grandfather again.

Watch the heartwarming tap dance number of Maeve and her 72-year-old grandpa below. Their one-of-a-kind performance will surely paint a big smile on your face!

Photos and Video | Jaime J

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.