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600 pound mother goes on a weight-loss journey to stay alive for her child

Body Positivity movement is all about feeling confident in one’s own body. It is about loving your body no matter what size you are. It is feeling beautiful regardless of the opinion of others. While it is important to love yourself, still, the fact that you need to keep a healthy mind and body should not be ignored.

Facebook | Frank Harbin

Overweight and obesity have their fair share of dangers to one’s health. For instance, too much fat in our body leads to the development of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers. If a woman is pregnant, the excess weight and fat on her body could even endanger the health of her unborn child. Thus, health care professional encourage people to maintain a balance diet and regular daily to keep a physically fit and healthy body.

Take the case of a loving mother from Mississippi, Leneathra Reed, who is now a viral fitspiration to people in the internet. When the then 626 pounds Leneathra began her weight loss journey through the help of a personal trainer, she has set her mind on achieving a healthy weight. Thus, she took her personal weight loss program seriously.

Facebook | Frank Harbin

For 3-4 times a week, Leneathra hits the Total Body Transformation Gym in Meridian. With all of her heart and dedication, the 39-year-old mom amazingly completed her workout routine composed of jumping jacks, hitting tires, and completing sit-ups. Amazed by her determination, her personal trainer, Frank Harbin, posted a video of her workout routine on Facebook.

Facebook | Frank Harbin

To their surprise, Leneathra’s workout routine captured in a video became viral in an instant. Boasting over 52 million of views and 300,000 of shares, Leneathra has inspired people to start hitting the gym as well. A lot of Facebook users expressed words of encouragement for her while some shared their own fitness journey.

“You can do it honey. I took it one day at a time. It was hard… but you will be great!” Schanell Jones, a Facebook user said, sharing a photo of her own inspiring journey.

Facebook | Shanell Jones

“Keep it going your doing great .. me I’m down 30 pounds it’s hard but the reward at the end is priceless!” Another Facebook user, Regina Ginatay Taylor, shared her amazing transformation photo.

“She just motivated me to get off my butt and get this weight off. Keep up the good work sista.” Another Facebook user shared how Leneathra’s video inspired her to start her own weight loss journey.

According to Leneathra, it has been about two years since the last time that she weighed less than 600 lbs. When asked in an interview about what motivated her to hit the gym and lose weight, the 39-year-old mom shared a simple answer.

“I can’t see anyone else raising her, so I have to do this for my daughter.” Leneathra said, admitting that it is her 23-month-old Kenlyn that inspired her to live a healthy life. “Just her smile and watching her light up looking at me, it’s enough to keep me going.” 

Facebook | Leneathra Reed

The 39-year-old mom admitted that there are times in which she’s experiencing the health risks posed by her excessive weight.

“I would stop in the hallway and pretend like I was talking to other co-workers, just embarrassed that I couldn’t breathe.” Leneathra shared how she heard her body’s wake-up call.

Now that Leneathra is consistently working out with the help of her coach, she has already shed 30 pounds. After being 30 pounds lighter than before, Leneathra shared how she feels much better than ever!

Facebook | Leneathra Reed

“Even those few pounds that I’ve lost, I can tell the difference in my back. I can actually breathe better,” Leneathra shared happily.

It was not only the people on the internet who are impressed with Leneathra’s determination. Her coach Harbin also commends her effort and assures the public that he will see her until the end of their training. “She won’t quit, she’ll push to the end,” He added.

Leneathra is happy to know that her video and story is inspiring a lot of people to start taking their physical health seriously.

“Why not get up and get off of my behind and show people that just because you’re big, that does not mean that you have to sit there and just take it.” The 39-year-old mom firmly stated. “When you admit that you have a problem, and you admit that it’s something that you need to get up and do something about it, you can do it.”

Watch Leneathra’s inspiring work-out video below and may her routine encourage you to include being physically fit in your 2019 resolution!

Video | Frank Harbin

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