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Worried dog watches dad perform ‘lifesaving surgery’ on his favorite toy

Leo is one worried dog.

That’s because he accidentally ripped a hole into his favorite toy – a brown stuffed animal that he takes with him everywhere. Of course, the golden-doodle adores his family, but this little brown plushie holds a special place in his heart.


Hayley Alaxanian

“It is his favorite toy,” Hayley Alaxanian, Leo’s owner, told The Dodo.

It all happened when Leo was playing with the plush toy, as usual, when he accidentally ripped a hole into it, exposing its soft white contents.

Thankfully, Hayley’s dad was there when it happened. It was obvious that Leo was very upset.

“[My dad] took the toy away from him and put it away so he couldn’t reach it, but he was crying and trying to reach for it,” Hayley said. “That’s when my dad decided to get his sewing kit out and started sewing it back together.”

worried dog

Hayley Alaxanian

During the on-the-spot “surgery”, Leo was so worried for his friend that he never left his side. He was there the whole time while Hayley’s dad was stitching the damaged toy. At one point, Leo even nuzzled his arm, as if telling him to be careful with his special plushie.

Despite dad’s inexperience in handling such situations, the toy was successfully repaired after a few minutes.

“That is the first time I’ve seen him sew a dog toy together,” Hayley said.

The once worried Leo became relieved knowing that his friend was going to be just fine! With that, the dog and his toy were happily reunited.


Hayley Alaxanian

For sure, Leo will be more careful during playtime with his favorite stuffed animal. But if ever such a mishap happens again, Hayley knows that she could always count on her dad to save the day.

“It is the sweetest thing ever,” she said.

Watch the video below to see Leo’s reaction while his toy was in “surgery”.

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