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Wife’s prank on ‘sleeping’ husband goes viral, bringing smiles to faces around the world

It takes work to keep a marriage alive, and for this couple, laughter is definitely one of the many things that keep theirs sweet and happy.

Sharea Overman and Nate Overman are parents to three young boys. Although they love their children to bits, they can’t deny that taking care of these kids leaves them in a perpetual state of tiredness.

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and throughout the years, Sharea and Nate have learned that the best way to keep their sanity intact is to know how to laugh with each other. And the perfect opportunity to do just that came when the family of five decided to go on a road trip.

Nate was the assigned driver when the Overmans traveled recently to Indiana to visit family. The road trip was going as it would normally have until Sharea noticed that her husband looked too comfortable in his seat. Though he wasn’t sleeping, it looked like it was.

“Man, he really looks like he is passed out in the driver’s seat,” she thought.

Wanting to get a few laughs to ease the boredom of their long travel, Sharea, a part-time photographer, captured a photo of “sleeping” Nate and decided to pull a fun prank on her innocent husband.

“I’m a part of this group of incredibly talented photographers on Facebook. So, I decided to post the photo and asked people to photoshop some fun backgrounds into the photo. To make it look like he fell asleep while all these crazy things were going on,” she told CNN of her plan.

And they delivered.

Sharea got exactly what she wanted as submissions started rolling in. They were all so funny that she couldn’t help but laugh out loud and tell Nate what she’s been up to on her phone. The prank definitely made their road trip a lot more enjoyable.

“He thought it was hilarious. We had a great life and a great rest of the car ride, and that was it,” she recalled.

The couple thought that was it. But a few days later, Sharea was surprised to learn that her post had gone viral. She started getting Nate’s photoshopped images from people in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Alaska.

Sharea only wanted a laugh during their road trip, but her prank turned into a whole other thing when it gained international attention. Turns out, Nate’s funny photos were able to bring joy to those who are feeling somber during these unprecedented times.

“There are people who have broken down and told us just how hard this year has been for them and that this is the first time they’ve been able to have a really good laugh at something,” she told CNN. “It’s been so humbling because what started out as something so silly, has turned into all of this. We are putting smiles on faces we don’t even know.”

Almost three weeks have passed since Sharea posted Nate’s photo, yet people are still liking and commenting on it. Some have even continued to send her their photoshopped entries.

The couple thinks it’s “so crazy” how it all blew up, but they’re glad to have brought smiles to strangers’ faces all over the world!

See some of the funniest photos of what Nate missed while he was “sleeping” in the gallery below.

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