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There is no doubt you’re going to fall in love with this ultra modern and minimalist tiny home

A house is more than just a place where you live. What it’s really about is having a shelter that allows you to live comfortably while doing the things you love.

This lucky couple from New Zealand is living that reality, all thanks to this all black tiny house they call home with a beautiful house interior.

If you’re a huge fan of the minimalist trend, you’ll surely love Jason and Sarah’s tiny house. Its exterior is all black and features a trapezoidal design that screams modern.

Inside, the couple used the limited space they have efficiently by incorporating clever spatial design in its interior.

Wanting to escape the rent trap and live a low cost, flexible lifestyle, Jason and Sarah were inspired to embrace tiny house living four months ago.

Sarah, who studied interior design at AUT, first fell in love with small living spaces after she was assigned to design a compact house.

She then watched videos about Hong Kong and Japanese small homes. Her dad also lived in one, which attracted her even more to the tiny house lifestyle.

Jason said this house “ticked 9 out of 10 boxes” of all the things they wanted in a tiny home. Luckily for them, it was within their budget too.

The house is completely off-grid and runs on 1,200 watts of solar power.

One of the hardest parts of transitioning into tiny home living is finding a good parking spot, but Jason and Sarah were fortunate to spot one with a fantastic view.

They’re also closer to nature now than ever before, which definitely adds to the beauty of living the tiny house lifestyle.

The couple extended their living space by adding a deck where they placed two bean bag chairs and a grill.

Upon entering the home, you’ll see the kitchen on the right, which features modern finishes such as soft-close drawers. Since they love having people over and cooking for them, Jason and Sarah made sure their kitchen has everything they need.

They have a nearly full-size fridge, a mini oven, a toaster, a water filter, and a reasonable amount of storage for all their cookware and dishes. The only thing missing is a dishwasher, which they plan on installing soon.

The barn door leads to their bathroom which is complete with a composting toilet, full-size shower, and vanity area.

The house has a guest mezzanine over the bathroom, which Jason and Sarah treat as their “zen space.”

They hang out there when they want some time to relax. It also serves as a guest bedroom whenever anybody visits and sleeps over.

In the other loft is their bedroom, which has a full-size bed and extra storage space.

Living in a tiny home has taught Jason and Sarah one very important thing: that they don’t need many things to be happy.

They also get to enjoy traveling and doing the things they love, such as scuba diving, motorbiking, and jet skiing.

They live a cheaper lifestyle now, hence, they have more money to spend on activities they enjoy doing together.

“Activities over things” is the lifestyle they’re going for, and it’s safe to say they’re definitely living their dream life!

Take a virtual tour of this modern and minimalist tiny home with a beautiful house interior by watching the video below.

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