Identical twin sisters who married identical twin brothers both announce pregnancy

Identical twins Brittany and Briana Salyers have done everything together all their lives. Now, they can add another milestone to the list: pregnancy.

The sisters, who are married to identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers, recently announced that they are both expecting! They shared the joyful news last week through an Instagram post.


“Guess what!!?? BOTH couples are pregnant!” they wrote. “We are thrilled and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with you all!”

In the accompanying Baywatch-themed photo, both couples posed wearing red outfits. Brittany and Briana, 34, wore one-piece swimsuits bearing the words “Baby Watch,” and Josh and Jeremy, 36, donned matching lifeguard attire and saluted while holding life rafts.

“Our children will not only be cousins, but full genetic siblings and quaternary multiples! Can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet each other!” the post continued.


Brittany and Briana met their husbands during the 2017 Twins Days Festival in 2017, and less than a year later, Josh and Jeremy proposed at the Twin Lakes State Park in Virginia.

The following year, the Salyers got married in a joint ceremony during the 2018 Twins Days Festival Twinsburg, Ohio, with the theme “Twice Upon a Time,” an event captured on camera for TLC’s “Our Twinsane Wedding” TV special.


The event was officiated by identical twin ministers. Of course, the sisters wore matching gowns and veils, and the grooms donned identical Tuxedos. The pairs were photographed in mirrored poses during their big day.

At the time, Brittany, who is married to Josh, told PEOPLE in an interview that they were all excited to start their life together as newly married couples.


“When we have children, my and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children,” she said. “Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together.”

Since identical twins share very similar DNA, their babies will legally be cousins, but technically, they will be closer to siblings.

The TV feature helped the couples gain popularity, but even before that, they have long embraced their twin identities. The sisters often wear matching outfits, go on double dates, and see themselves as “two halves of a whole.” Because of their powerful bond, Brittany and Briana found it a breeze to plan their joint wedding together.


“It’s really been a fairy tale come true. Marrying twins is something that’s very important to us,” Briana said. “Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that that is what we saw for ourselves.”

And their dreams as twins are slowly coming true one by one. Brittany and Briana’s pregnancies weren’t a coincidence; it was also something they intended to happen.

“We have experienced most milestones of our lives together – birthdays, getting your driver’s license, graduations and our double wedding,” Brittany said on Australian TV last May. “This would be the next huge event, and we’d love to experience it together. And ideally, we will.”


Josh and Jeremy, on the other hand, had promised not to tie the knot until they fell in love with twin sisters.

“If they couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married,” Brittany said about the brothers.

Before they met the sisters, Josh and Jeremy experienced challenges dating non-twins. According to Brittany, it’s complicated dating someone who didn’t understand the intimate bond that twins shared. Thankfully, these couples found each other, and now, they’re about to embark on a fresh chapter in their lives as new parents. Their future children will surely enjoy getting double doses of love at home!