Toddler insists on scary nun-themed birthday party – the internet loves it

This little girl’s birthday party is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Instead of the typical princess and fairy themes, the 3-year-old celebrant insisted on having one that is a bit sinister – The Nun.

unique birthday party

Lucia Brown’s mother, Laura, was shocked when her daughter told her that she wanted the 2018 horror flick to be her birthday party’s theme. According to Good Morning America, Lucia asked to watch the movie after seeing a glimpse of it while she was at her grandmother’s house.

“[Lucia’s grandmother and her father] told her it wasn’t a cartoon, but she insisted,” Laura told GMA.

Later, the lass came up with the idea to make The Nun the central theme for her birthday party.

“I kept asking her for months and the answer was always the same: ‘The Nun. The Nun. The Nun.’ I told her, ‘No way, you are going to choose Rapunzel.’” Laura said.

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The Nun’s main star, Bonnie Aarons, appears in the movie as a pale-faced diabolic force. The film is set in the 50s and centralizes on the origins of the spirit named Valak, who tormented Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), the ghost-hunters in the 1977-set film The Conjuring 2.

Eventually, Laura decided to grant her daughter’s wish.

Pictures from her birthday party on June 3 showed Lucia dressed for the part as Valak, her whole face painted white and with black circles around her eyes. Her birthday cake even had The Nun’s face on it!

“So it was my cousins (sic) 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this,” Andrea Villarreal, Lucia’s cousin, tweeted alongside a few pictures from the celebration.


In a follow-up post, she added: “And if anyone was wondering yes her friends also participated in the theme.”

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Her first tweet immediately went viral. It even got the attention of Jordan Peele, the creator of “Us” and “Get Out”. His reply to Andrea’s post was: “Does she have a Godfather?”

The post also reached the actress who played Valak herself! Bonnie sent the toddler a greeting, saying: “Happy Birthday Lucia!!! HAPPY EVERY DAY!!”


The next day, Laura shared photos and videos from the party on her Facebook.

She wrote: “Like when your daughter turns 3, and her favorite character is the nun. Everything is to see her happy!!!”


Andrea told the San Antonio Express-News that Lucia’s parents were excited to throw her this one of a kind birthday bash.

“Her parents did not question it at all. They were very supportive of her wanting this theme, especially because Lucia was very persistent. They had to go out of their way to make the pinata and cake special for the occasion because as you can imagine, those aren’t popular requests,” she said.

She added that Lucia didn’t normally watch scary films, so it took them by surprise that she developed a liking for The Nun.

“I know people see The Nun and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that nun is protecting her,” she said.

Judging from the photos and videos that Laura shared, it seems like Lucia and her friends had a splendid time on her birthday party!