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Tiny hedgehog goes camping, and his photos are the cutest thing you’ll see today

This pygmy hedgehog has been bitten by the travel bug.  Meet Azuki. You may not know him, but this Japanese pygmy hedgehog is Insta-famous – boasting of 413,000 followers on the popular social media platform.

Azuki can be described as a laid back and happy-go-lucky fellow. His Instagram pictures give us a clue into the things that he likes – apples, massages, hot baths, and a peaceful indoor life with his human.

All the naps spent under soft blankets, or the time spent with his sister, Uni, didn’t seem as appealing as before. Even his big collection of miniature hats or his custom-built hedgehog nest couldn’t satisfy what he was yearning for – a life of adventure.

But up until recently, this adorable homebody got bitten by the travel bug.  So, Azuki bid goodbye to his old life and said hello to outdoor living. Exciting times!

With his tiny bags, he went on a camping adventure with his owner, and he couldn’t be any happier.

Azuki came prepared. He brought his own tiny tent, table and chair set, a barbecue, and a kayak for his water escapades. He might be new to outdoor living, but Azuki made sure that he had everything he needed to face what’s ahead!

Lucky for us, his human came prepared too. He brought a camera with him during their journey and documented their adventures by creating an Instagram photo-diary.

See the adorable photo gallery below featuring snapshots of Azuki during his awesome travel.

1. All set – my outdoor adventure begins!

2. Food is served.

3. Time to collect some firewood.

4. Grilling up.

5. Nothing’s better than lounging after a good meal. Burp!

6. Kayaking away.

7. After this, I think I can say that I’m already a camping pro!

It certainly looks like Azuki had a great time! For sure, this adventure won’t be his last, so you better follow him on Instagram to keep up with his latest travels.

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