We fired our Human Resource Officer for being cruel to our employees

We fired our Human Resource Officer for calling one of our team members “stupid”. I was walking through the offices when I heard someone talking angrily.

Then I heard, “Your performance has dropped, and you have no reasonable explanation for that”.

I walked in and saw our secretary crying. I asked what was going on and the HR Officer said she’d been poor at work lately for some stupid reasons. I looked at the secretary; her eyes were red. Our Human Resource Officer had threatened to get her fired.

This was a woman who just lost her husband a few months ago.  Our HR expected her to deliver at the same level. That’s inhumane. I thought within.

I invited both of them into the office with my partner to investigate further. The secretary had been finding it hard to get over the shock of her husband’s demise. But our Human Resource Officer was only concerned about results.

Further inquiries showed the Human Resource Officer had been rude to other team members.

We fired her.

We don’t want to work with people who have no respect for others welfare. We reduced our secretary’s hours at work and ask her if she needs more time off. Her performance improved significantly, and she came back to her best.

If you don’t understand that business is more about people then you have no business leading them.

Workers’ welfare comes first. Everything else follows. Be human.

“The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.” — Tony Dungy

Written by Ben Ramedani