The billionaire owner of Brooklyn Nets gives 2-thousand ventilators and 2.6-million masks to NY

The billionaire owner of Brookly Nets Joe Tsai recently donated masks and ventilators to New York, the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

Hospitals in the country, especially in New York, have been struggling to find enough masks and ventilators for the patients as well as protective gear for the healthcare workers. As of Saturday, New York was faced with over 113,000 coronavirus cases and over 35,000 deaths. This made the crisis in the city even worse, also initiating helpless cries from the hospitals.

Shipment of masks and ventilators from billionaire Joe Tsai.

Luckily, some people with a good heart like Joe Tsai geared up to help and made generous donations to the striving city. Joe Tsai is also a co-founder of Alibaba but despite all his assets, he is more than just a billionaire and a businessman. He is also a philanthropist who makes use of his proceeds to help people and organizations in need. In fact, his wife Clara Tsai runs a charitable organization called the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation.

In total, Tsai has donated 2,000 ventilators, 2.6 million surgical masks and 170,000 googles to New York City. These are bigger than what Governer Andrew Cuomo has expected. Nonetheless, he is very grateful for the help of Tsai and his wife as well as Jack Ma, who also donated masks and testing kits in March.

Billionaire Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai

“I want to thank Joe Tsai and Clara Tsai and Jack Ma from Alibaba, and the Nets — but I’m not stating a preference — for their donation,” Cuomo said. “That’s going to be very helpful. And I want to thank [China’s consul general Huang Ping] very much for his help in making all of this happen, because this is a big deal and it’s going to make a significant difference for us,”

The Tsais’ donations were divided into two shipments. The first one will be distributed by the Greater New York Hospital Association while the Tsais are letting the state handle the allocation of the second shipment. The state is going to start the centralizing the allocation of resources but they will prioritize the most undeserved institutions such as Lincoln Medical Center, Jacobi Medical Center and Elmhurst Hospital.

Donations from billionaire Joe Tsai arrive in New York City

Each of the ventilator donated by the Tsais costs $25,000, making their huge donation worth more than $50 million. Apart from surgical masks, they also donated KN95 masks which are made from China.

Though N95 masks are known to be more reliable, the Food and Drug Administration now allows KN95 masks as a suitable alternative to protect health care workers. As long as the KN95 masks are proven to be authentic, they can be used as a protective gear.


It is amazing to see that despite the blame game amid the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese philanthropists are stepping up their donations while the recipient countries express their gratitude in return.

As the world fights this battle, we should all stand as one and do our responsibilities to control this pandemic and help save lives. May the spirit of love and unity live among us, with or without crises.