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Man invites family members of students to his dance studio — mom and dad blew them away with slick moves

These children and their parents just proved to everyone that all people – from the young to the old – can pull off an excellent dance routine.

Phil Wright is a choreographer based in Hollywood, California who works at the International Academy of Dance. In August 2017, he filmed a video that will surely make anyone who sees it smile non-stop.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube and so far, it has already been viewed 21 million times – viewers surely couldn’t get enough of it!

dance routine choreographer


The once-in-a-lifetime event featured his students and their parents performing an epic dance to the tune of Earth Wind & Fire’s 1981 hit, “Let’s Groove,” which is exactly what everyone does in the footage.

Moms, dads, and even one grandpa showed up to the studio to perform the dance routine, with the other families serving as their audience. Since parents are generally not known to have great coordination, most kids would probably feel embarrassed seeing them dance in public.

dance routine for family


But these particular set of parents, however, didn’t have anything to worry about, because they have an amazing choreographer to teach them!

While Phil usually teaches only his students, this time, he taught their family how to dance, too. But as it turns out, some of them didn’t even need instruction as they knew how to bust some pretty slick moves!

Add the fact that they were being recorded, these parents truly got out of their comfort zones and danced like there was no tomorrow.

dance routine


Hearing the loud cheers from the audience in the back and with Phil occasionally hyping them up, the adrenaline rush felt by the dancers were perfectly manifested in their incredible dance moves.

Nobody had to ask these two sisters where they got their dancing chops from, for they obviously got it from their momma!



This family let out the most wild facial expressions while they were dancing.



Grandpa still got the moves and they all know it.



All the families share a big hug towards the end of their number. This activity definitely brought them closer together. It wasn’t clear how long it took for them to master the choreography, but they made it look like they had been practicing for months.

Even without the skill level of professional dancers, Phil’s students and their families were able to pull off this dance routine flawlessly.



Everyone was just enjoying themselves and to us, that’s the best part of it all.

Check out the clip below to see these families dancing to “Let’s Groove”. We promise, it will give you instant good vibes!

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