Parents have hilarious ’empty nest’ celebration as daughter moves out

22-year-old Haley Jones is finally moving out of her parents’ house, and her folks couldn’t be any happier!

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Couples usually celebrate milestones such as wedding anniversaries, the birth of a new child, or their kids’ graduations. But this husband and wife from Mississippi are quite unique – instead of feeling a little separation anxiety, this couple couldn’t be any more thrilled that their daughter is moving out of their home!

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Haley, the last of Amy and Randy English’s children to move out, signed the lease for her own apartment last March. As a photographer, Haley thought of taking pictures of her parents outside her apartment complex to mark the occasion, but her mom had a much better idea.

“We decided to do this photo shoot when I signed my lease in March,” Haley explains. “I wanted to take a picture of my mom and dad outside of my apartment building’s office and then she suggested we wait and do them closer to time, and do an empty nester photo shoot. We had never seen one so we just threw it together!”

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The family agreed on the plan and the day of the actual photo shoot came.

“Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, move-in day was getting closer and she was realizing they would soon have an empty nest. Then we just decided together that it would be a fun thing to do. All of the signs were her idea! She nailed it!” Haley said.

The resulting photos were hilarious!

moving out 4

The snapshots show Amy and Randy wearing huge smiles on their faces and making goofy expressions while holding up signs that read: “empty nesters June 1, 2019,” “OUR FAVORITE KIDS,” “expecting 0 kids June 2019,” and our personal favorite “So Sad … hahahaha JUST KIDDING.”

The couple posed for pictures outside their Pontotoc home. Their two dogs Marley and Buck – their “favorite kids” – also made an appearance on one of the photos.

“They’re the best!” Haley says of her parents. “We’re all so goofy.”


Haley is moving out of Pontotoc to Oxford, Mississippi where she works full-time as a nanny. She also just recently started her photography business on the side.

Haley uploaded the photos on Haley Marie Photography’s Facebook page and the post gained a lot of positive attention, with several parents commenting about how they can relate to the joy that Amy and Randy are feeling about their child moving out.

“Best photos! I can relate! My girls left the house several years ago, I thought I would be upset — NOPE! We talk often and meet for lunch on weekends but hubby & I love our freedom now!!!” one user commented.

The huge attention that the pictures got didn’t just bring a smile to people’s faces, but also did well for Haley’s business.

moving out

“When I woke up this morning, I had thousands and thousands of shares, comments, and new page likes which means the world to me!” Haley said. “My business is getting out there, which means I will be doing more of what I love! It’s truly surreal and I am very grateful!”

Haley started her business in January of this year and only had 286 likes the day she created her page. Now, it has gained 15,000 likes already, and that is all thanks to one genius plan and of course, her parents’ hilarious photo ideas!