This dreamy art painting exhibit lets you step inside Van Gogh’s artworks

After a luminous exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s work last year, Culturespaces now takes visitors to a whole new exhibition featuring the stunning and exceptional painting style of the greatest Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh.

This magical audiovisual exhibition is artistically placed in the Atelier de Lumieres, a digital art center in Paris. To “propose a new, emotional and dynamic approach to art,” Culturespaces gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves inside some of the greatest and most popular canvases of the Post-Impressionist.


Including Van Gogh’s piece de resistance, Irises series, signature self-portraits and the Starry night maybe his most popular painting, these over-the-top visuals are set to astonish thousands of visitors from all over the world.

To make these lovely pieces of art even more astounding and remarkable, artistic director Gianfranco Iannuzzi chose to suit the space with 140 trendsetting laser video projectors. The mood in the center is also set by outstanding music coming from 50 speakers produced by the Cuturespaces.

Undoubtedly, art lovers of different ages will enjoy a fun and rewarding artistic experience from this superb audiovisual exhibit.


Apart from its focus on Van Gogh’s spectacular painting style, the exhibition will also conduct a short program featuring Japanese art. The president of Culturespaces, Bruno Monnier, articulates, “Van Gogh was influenced by Japanese art.

In Paris, he frequented Impressionists who admired japonisme. To highlight Van Gogh’s fascination with Japanese art, we commissioned the Danny Rose Studio to present an original piece about the imaginary works and scenes of Japan.”


As the immersive exhibition takes visitors into the wonderful world of arts, they will also be exposed in the artistic path of Van Gogh through his highly poetic and emotional paintings. In some of his renowned works like “The Bedrooms,” “The Sunflowers and “Potato Eaters,” people will see how powerful his brushstrokes were and how well he played with bold and sombre colors.

Their eyes will also be filled with delight as they explore Van Gogh’s sunny landscapes and nightscapes that reflect his vibrant and colourful work.


As expected, a lot of people were amazed by this stunning audiovisual exhibition. Art lover or not, many people from different generations admire Van Gogh for his unique portrayal of arts. One of the many visitors who experienced this one-of-a-kind immersive exhibition was Courtney Traub. In her blog, she wrote how the exhibition brought a new life to Van Gogh’s work.

Traub says, “After selling out tickets for months to the Gustav Klimt and Vienna Secession exhibit, the curators and artists behind the Atelier have done it again with a sumptuous, immersive show on Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh painted an astonishing 200 or so paintings during the final decade of his life, a feverish period of innovation and vision that the curators of this new digital exhibit have aimed to bring to brave new life.”


Another visitor of the exhibit, Marie Claire, also shared how amazing her experience was. According to her, “It’s a moment of peace and beauty that I cannot describe. The colors, the music, you are in another world. You can stay longer and try different places to sit even on the floor or in the middle of the room. Do not miss it! Will do it again.”

“The Starry Night Exhibition” and the short show, “Dreamed Japan: Images of the Floating World” can be viewed until December 31, 2019, at the Atelier des Lumieres in Paris.

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