99-year-old woman living alone receives much needed help from New York police officers

Elderly woman living alone gets help from cops.

Living alone means needing a helping hand sometimes. And for this elderly woman whose property was blanketed with more than a foot of snow, her call for help was immediately answered by the faithful public servants in her city.

Three New York police officers, who are all members of the Albany Police Department, are being lauded by the internet and their department for an act of kindness they did for an elderly woman.

The 99-year-old woman – who lives alone – called the Albany Police Center Station on Monday to ask for assistance in clearing the thick blanket of snow covering her driveway. According to AccuWeather, the city was covered with 12-18 inches of snow Sunday night until Monday morning due to a wintry storm.

Without waiting a moment longer, Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles, and John Schueler drove to her house after receiving her call to help get the snow off her sidewalk and driveway.

Sgt. Norah Harrington took a few photos of the officers in action, which showed them holding their shovels and snow blowers as they made their way through her property.

Cops shovel snow from elderly woman's home living alone.

“This morning, the #Albany Police Center Station received a phone call from a 99-year-old resident who lives alone and asked for our assistance with clearing snow from her driveway. Without hesitation, Police Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles and John Schueler all drove to the woman’s home to assist her and worked together to clear more than a foot of snow from her sidewalk and driveway,” the department wrote on Facebook.

The photos immediately went viral, racking up 10,000 reactions and 4,000 shares since it was posted. The post was flooded with comments praising the men for what they’ve done for the elderly woman.

Cops help woman living alone.

“Thank You Officers for helping and watching over this elderly lady living alone…You all have hearts of Gold!!” one user commented.

“Great to see this. Love how the lady knew to ask for help instead of trying to do the shoveling on her own. Could of had a bad turn out. Thank you for your service, gentlemen.” a woman posted on their Facebook page.

“This is so awesome. Clearing snow is not in there job description. Thank you officers for once again going above and beyond your duties. Lots of love please stay safe.” another one wrote.

It’s great to know that as citizens of this country, we have people like police officers Pierce, Stiles, and Schueler to depend on when we need help. These men deserve the recognition they are getting for embodying the true spirit of public service.

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