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As dying wish, man with cancer sees his beloved horse one last time

Kansas cowboy Kevin Adkins was suffering from cancer and had a dying wish: to see his horse for one last time. Luckily, his wish was granted and he was able to bid his horse goodbye just in time.

For nearly 20 years before Adkins was diagnosed with cancer, he spent time with his horse named Vic every day. His 27-year-old horse was Vic’s best friend. They were inseparable since Adkins bought the horse from D&J Ranch, Jennifer Wadley’s family ranch.

According to Wadley, Adkins and Vic have been partners throughout the years. “It could be pouring rain, it could be snowing, it could be hotter than heck. He was always here,” she said. Wadley also witnessed how Adkins took good care of Vic. He always took the time to spend time with him and made sure his horse was well-groomed all the time.

Despite his illness, Adkins still cared for Vic a lot. Even though he couldn’t take care of him anymore as he used to when he’s still a healthy cowboy, he would still watch him for hours to see if Vic was doing good.

Adkins showed everyone that not even an illness could separate him from his favorite horse. He spent as much time as he could with Vic and made memories he would cherish until his last breath.

However, when Adkins had to stay in the hospital, he didn’t see Vic for weeks. Feeling weak and lonely, Adkins came into a realization that he did not have much time left. He was dying after fighting cancer for three years.

Before he passed away, Adkins had one final wish: to reunite with his beloved horse, Vic. He had been so attached to his horse that he couldn’t imagine bidding the world goodbye without seeing Vic once again, for the last time.


To grant her father’s wish, Delaney spoke with the ranch’s owner about his Dad’s final wish. In January, Adkins saw his horse once again. Full of love and adoration, he stroked and fed his long-time friend.

Wadley said that it was so heart-warming to watch the reunion of Adkins of and Vic. She said, “I think he knew. I think what was so moving was watching Kevin with his horse. He lived for his horse. It was very moving.”

This touching moment was captured in a video that shows how much the cowboy and his horse missed each other. Before they said their final goodbyes, the two spent a few more special moments together.


The next day, after fulfilling his final wish, Adkins passed away. It was as if he was just waiting to see his horse again to finally leave the earth without any regrets. Adkins’ funeral was held last February 15 where Vic serves as an honorary pallbearer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin Adkins’ family and friends during this trying time. May he now rest in peace.

Watch the heart-warming reunion of Adkins and Vic in the video below. Share this touching story as well with animal lovers you know.

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