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Artist’s giant pencil drawings blur the line between hyperrealism and surrealism

Using pencil and paper, this self-taught artist creates the most amazing surrealist art, making his creations both hyper-realistic and awe-inspiring.

Jono Dry, the Cape Town, South Africa-based artist, was born in Pretoria and spent most of his young life in the town of Hermanus, where he worked and exhibited most of his life.

The brilliant creative learned the surrealism and hyperrealism art styles all by himself, and he usually produces work on a large scale. His medium is graphite on paper or board.

Jono’s artworks look so realistic, that one might mistake his drawings for actual photographs. When he draws, he makes sure that he leaves no characteristic out.

Even the delicate folds of the skin, tiny hair growths, and the gleam on a single water drop are details that he showcases in his art.

The attention to detail is so impressive, it is no surprise that one large drawing can take him half a year to finish.

His drawings usually just have a plain black or white background, giving them a dramatic feel. This lack of context gives the beholder the freedom to have his own interpretation of what each drawing represents.

Freedom – this concept is at the forefront of how Jono thinks about his drawings. In an interview with ArtBookGuy, he explained the rationale behind his drawing style.

“I enjoy the idea of having no limit with my work. When the only limit is your imagination, it becomes a wonderful challenge to see how far it can stretch. It feels like I’m constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of my own imagination with the goal to find something worth spending time, bringing to life in the form of a drawing,” he said.

With a talent as exceptional as his, it’s no surprise that Jono has gained a huge following on social media where he updates his fans by posting photos and videos of his works in progress.

He also likes to share his drawing techniques with his followers. Recently, he shared a video on his Facebook page where he gave some tips on how to draw water.

At the time of writing, he has 138,000 followers on Instagram and 98,000 followers on Facebook.

Jono also sells his surreal pencil drawing prints on his Etsy shop, where he has sold 108 items so far.

Watch the video below to gain more insight into Jono’s drawing process.

See more of Jono Dry’s art by visiting his website, Instagram, and Facebook. You may also purchase his pencil drawing prints on Etsy.

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