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Clever hummingbird builds nest in the jungle complete with a giant leaf roof

Every living creature knows the importance of building a safe home, and when it comes to natural dwellings, birds probably take the top spot in terms of ingenuity. These winged animals set up their nests with love and care, ensuring that they build only the best treetop homes to raise their babies.

As a photography enthusiast who has been observing hummingbird nests since 2018, Bianca Caroline Soares was no stranger to seeing them perched on the tree branches in the jungle near her home. However, it was the first time that the Paraguay-based conservationist spotted one unlike any other she had ever seen.

“I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious,” she said.

The tiny construction looked like a typical nest, except for one feature – it had a “leaf roof.” The hummingbird that built it surely made the right move; because of the shade provided by the lone leaf, the bird’s home looked the nicest in the neighborhood. It also became the perfect place to start a family.

Birds have always been known to be good parents, and their nest-building habits prove this to be true. They can build one from leaves, twigs, and other random materials they can find in their environment. But no matter what elements they use, they always end up building nests that can safely house their babies.

Aside from their nests’ structure, birds also have to make a crucial decision regarding its location. It takes a lot of careful searching to find the perfect spot, and the bird has to make sure that it’s safe from predators and the harsh effects of weather.

While tiny nests can be set up almost everywhere, hummingbirds don’t build them in boxes or any other manmade nooks. Instead, they build their nests in a tree or shrub where it will look like a mere bump on the bark, just like the hummingbird featured in this story.

After that first sighting in September 2019, Bianca continued visiting the nest in the succeeding weeks and months. During that time, the hummingbird’s family grew as she went on to have two chicks. Because of their mom’s ingenuity, the babies stayed cool even during the hottest days because of the leaf roof’s protection.

Bianca snapped pictures every time she visited the nest, and a few of her photos feature the trio under one roof. As the family grew, the flexible nest expanded to accommodate its new inhabitants. Still, the trusty leaf was able to cover them all.

By photographing and sharing this extraordinary hummingbird nest, Bianca hopes that it will inspire other people to respect and become stewards of nature. Because of the current state of pollution, birds like hummingbirds struggle with finding the perfect nesting place.

With this, Bianca hopes for a world with a more balanced ecosystem, where humans harmoniously co-exist with animals and learn to respect their boundaries.

What a smart little creature! Share this story to raise awareness about the importance of conserving our forests.

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