Watch the hilarious moments people and pets run into ‘invisible’ screen doors

One of man’s most useful and simple innovations is the screen door (or sometimes the glass door). The screen door usually incorporates a mesh to stop birds or flying insects from going inside your house. Most homeowners would add this to their house must-haves especially if they live in an area where bugs are known to proliferate.

It serves its purpose really well — sometimes TOO WELL.

However, for as much as it helps in preventing bugs from invading your home, the screen door has become a menace to some people and pets who unfortunately became victims of its ‘invisibility cloak powers’. What was meant to be your protector is now a menace to both people and animals who live inside the house.

Do you think we are kidding? Fortunately for us, some of these mishaps were caught on camera and now it’s making thousands of people giggle as we watch our fellow brethren fall victim to the screen door’s nefarious plan. It doesn’t discriminate! Everyone is a potential target. You may be next!

Below is a video clip of a little boy running to go outside the house but was meant by the screen’s door disapproval. Like a doting parent, you need its permission first before you can step outside.

Here is another short clip of a young girl, this time rushing to go inside, but the screen door needs time to process your presence. What happened next is a familiar scene to families who do not recognize the power of the screen door.

Once in your lifetime, you will fall victim or know someone who will experience the powerful presence of the invisible screen door. Below is a collection of short videos to show you the many faces of people and pets who have encountered the mighty screen door. Enjoy a few giggles!

If you know someone that reminded you of this video,  please pass this on. Tell them they are not alone!