Beast mode! Grandma transforms life and lost 70 pounds doing CrossFit

Various fitness programs such as CrossFit are not only effective for losing weight but can also help improve one’s health. In fact, a great-grandmother lost 70 pounds doing CrossFit while also getting rid of different health problems such as hypertension.

3 years ago, 60-year-old Rosa Rodriguez weighed 210 pounds and couldn’t even go to the stairs because of her weight. Simple activities like this easily made her exhausted.


However, she wanted to do something about it and improve her health. This led her to CrossFit, a strength and conditioning fitness program that involves squats, push-ups, weight lifting and other functional movements.

Because Rodriguez never exercised, she found those weights intimidating. She kept asking herself how a grandma like her could lift those heavy weights and perform arduous exercises. Nonetheless, she kept going to Beast Mode CrossFit in Friendswood, the fitness gym that transformed not just her body but also her entire life.

Rodriguez pushed herself and didn’t give up until she was able to lift more weights and do longer workouts. Now, she weighs 139 pounds and has stopped taking pills for cholesterol and blood pressure.


Andrew Resendrez, Rodriguez’ trainer said she is like a mom or grandmother to them and has inspired a lot of people who go to the same gym.

“It’s all mental, you get going and you think, ‘Wow, this is a lot worse than it looks,” Resendez explained. “When you’re halfway through it, you think, ‘I’ve already gotten through the worst part: starting.'”

Resendez also said that they offer the program to people of all ages and abilities so it doesn’t matter how old a person is, as long as they are determined to work on their health and fitness goals.

For Rodriguez, showing up at the gym and doing what she needs to do mean a longer and healthier life. She has 12 grandchildren and just had her first great-grandchild.

Rodriguez’ amazing transformation made her realize that one doesn’t need to be young to have a healthier and better lifestyle. She also advised ladies to stop watching T.V. and drinking too much coffee. Instead, they have to hit the gym or just keep moving at home.


Apart from Rodriguez, more seniors found success in losing weight and being healthier. One of them is Jessica Slaughter, an 86-year-old grandma who lost 120 pounds just by walking at her apartment.

It may not seem as strenuous as what Rodriguez did but Slaughter’s dedication and hard work are also amazing. Every morning, she would walk 3,000 steps back and forth in her apartment.

She was pre-diabetic and didn’t know how to stop eating unhealthy foods such as cakes and pies. This made her do something about her weight and health condition.


Like Rodriguez, her age didn’t get in the way of her fitness journey. “I just want seniors to know just because we’ve gotten a certain age, we don’t have to stop living. I want to tell them that there’s a better way of life they choose,she said.

These stories only show that age, gender and physical abilities don’t matter to people who want to be fit and healthy. With patience, hard work and positivity, one can achieve his goals no matter how hard it seems.

Watch this video to see how this great-grandma persevered to be fit and healthy: