This giant unicorn party float is just what your summer needs

The summer season is here yet again and for sure, you and your friends have already planned a getaway to cool off the heat.

And what better way to spend this season than to be in the water? May it be in the pool, lake, or beach, water activities are the number one go to when the summer holidays come.

The good thing is, Sam’s Club is here to turn your rest and relaxation up a notch through their massive unicorn party float!


And by massive, we mean over 10 feet tall.

If you’ve once dreamed of riding a rainbow unicorn as a child, then this is your chance to relive it. This inflatable unicorn float has a white body, with its mane, wings, and tail boasting of vibrant rainbow colors. Giant and gorgeous, this piece can be seen even from afar.

The float can fit up to six persons and can be used in a lake, river, ocean, and pool. This is the perfect accessory for an intimate party with family or friends, and the large floor space that it has ensures that there is enough room for everyone to move around. The large seats guarantee that users can lounge in it comfortably.


But if you aren’t a fan of the unicorn model, another popular option is the flamingo float. You would surely love this if the color pink appeals to you! The 10 feet long and 10 feet tall piece comfortably seats up to six people as well.


The unicorn and flamingo floats both have 8 cup holders, a built-in cooler, a high-speed pump, attached tether rope and anchor bag, and a mesh carry bag.


Both floats are beautiful and durable, however, remember to use this with caution especially with kids. Make sure not to leave children by themselves on the party float because there have been recent incidents where the wind and current have taken them miles away from the shore.