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This embroidery technique makes thread look like luscious hair flowing off the hoop

Lately, we’ve seen embroidery artists showcase their masterpieces on their own art and craft websites all over the world. They push the boundaries of their craft by experimenting with different stitching styles.  

More and more contemporary textile enthusiasts are introducing a variety of ways to saw threads into fabric, proving that embroidery is indeed a versatile art form.

From the meticulous technique of thread painting to dainty floating embroidery, creatives are constantly coming up with new ideas that impress with their originality and beauty.

One of these artists is Bernita Broderie, a crafter initiating a new embroidery aesthetic. She weaves cotton threads to display three-dimensional female hairstyles, and the product is just wonderfully unexpected!

Scroll down to see some of her charming pieces.

Bernita uses a variety of yarns that mimic the color of human hair.

These different-colored threads are stitched into raw cotton fabric of varying shades.

The French crafter creates silhouttes of her female figures through simple embroidery, letting their tresses be the heart of her designs.

There seems to be no limit to the hairstyles that Bernita can stitch. Elegant updos, flowing waves, ponytails, and curls are all featured in her creations.

Bernita also incorporates decorative accessories into her designs, such as embroidered flowers, for an additional touch.

Others feature the combination of different colored yarns on one figure to imitate the look of natural locks.

Bernita says that she has been accustomed to this focus on detail all her life.

Ever since she was little girl, she’s enjoyed engaging in artistic processes that require patience and dedication.

A testament to that is her flourishing 3D art, which she has already mastered even when she started out just over a year ago.

“I deeply enjoy working with fabrics, needle and threads,” she shares. “I can’t sleep at nights without creating something new. My artworks are the output of hours of embroidery and patience.”

Surely, people enjoy seeing Bernita’s artworks as much as she enjoys making them! To see more works like this be sure to browse the internet for art and craft websites that have become popular due to social media.

See more of Bernita Broderie’s embroidered hair creations on Instagram or have one of your own by purchasing her work on Etsy.

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