Cop hears stray he rescued was almost put to sleep and rushes to adopt him

Life is full of surprises, and we never really know what another day could bring. For this cop, unexpected circumstances prompted him to do one beautiful thing – adopt a rescue dog.

Jeff Freeman, a Las Vegas Commercial Enforcement Trooper, had a chance encounter with a stray dog one day. He was working a joint commercial enforcement checkpoint in Reno when a German shepherd “strolled in”, as the Nevada Highway Patrol puts it.


The dog was “quite skittish” around the other Troopers but with Freeman, he instantly formed a bond. Sadly, their meeting didn’t last very long. Shortly after, animal control arrived and took the German shepherd.

Freeman thought that there was no way he would ever see him again. But two weeks later, he received an important call.

Freeman learned that his new friend had been scheduled for euthanasia in Reno. Fortunately, a rescue organization came to save the dog, and they instantly called Freeman to let him know.

The trooper made a life-changing decision after that conversation – one that he knew he needed to do.


The very next day, he drove up to Reno not just to visit the dog, but to adopt him! The pup, who he named Chief, will now be living with Freeman and his family.

The Nevada Highway Patrol shared their story on Facebook, and thousands of people rejoiced over its happy ending.

“Rescues pick US! Chief picked YOU, Trooper Freeman. Big honor and he will serve you well. Bless your big heart. Smart dogs can pick out great people!” one person commented.

“A beautiful, loving story. Chief knew that he belonged with the trooper. He just knew. Much, much respect to the rescue group who substantially made this adoption possible. May their karma be returned 10 fold,” another wrote.


If not for their chance meeting, the situation could have been much worse for Chief. But fate led them to cross paths with each other and now, the former stray has found his forever home and a loving family that will take care of him.

It certainly was a happy ending for everybody!

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