This teacher is going viral for congratulating student on his reading test score in the most special way

When this third-grader got a perfect score on his reading test, his teacher decided to congratulate him in the most special way!

Eight-year-old Christopher Abney of Valley, Alabama, just earned a 100% score in his reading test. For his teacher, Mrs. Willonda Caffie, such a feat deserves special recognition. A few days after Christopher’s achievement, the instructor at Fairfax Elementary School showed up at his house carrying a yard sign with the words “Mrs. Caffie is so proud of me!”

reading test score

Ashley McCarley, Christopher’s mother, was touched by the teacher’s kind act and decided to share the story on Facebook along with pictures of her son, Mrs. Caffie, and the yard sign.

She wrote: “Ya’ll! This is amazing! My son’s 3rd-grade teacher just surprised him with a yard sign, for making a 100 on his reading test Friday! Mrs. Caffie, you made Christopher’s day.”

The look on the child’s face is priceless – he surely feels so proud of himself!

Teacher congratulates student on his reading score test result.

Ashley’s post has now gone viral, garnering 19,000 reactions and 9,000 shares. Many praised Mrs. Caffie’s way of boosting her student’s morale.

“This young man will always remember this and how wonderful Mrs Caffie was as his teacher!!” one Facebook user wrote.

“Now that’s what you call a real teacher. That boy will fly from now on and look at the kids on cool bus seeing that sign. What a wonderful idea,” another commented.

“That right there is an awesome lady and teacher. By the way Mrs Caffie, we’re all proud of you!” one said.

Congratulations on acing your reading test, Christopher! With teachers like Mrs. Caffie to guide him, studying becomes a breeze and learning becomes so much fun.

The world needs more Mrs. Caffies in schools, don’t you agree?