Christmas commercial is warming hearts all over – and it only cost $130 to make

A Christmas commercial by Hafod Hardware.

Now that decorations are up and Christmas commercials are beginning to grace our TV screens, we can’t help but feel the excitement for this festive holiday. For big companies, this season means expending their budget for a very important component of business – advertisement.

While high street brands spend hundreds of thousands into making their annual Christmas commercials, this family-owned hardware store was able to produce one of their own with a mere $130, and it’s becoming a favorite of viewers across the globe!

“We’ve had a great response these last two years, but nothing like this year. It’s just been crazy,” Tom told CNN.

Tom Jones runs Haford Hardware store in Rhayader, Wales. The family-owned business has been in operation since 1895 and for the last three years, Tom has been creating seasonal ads and posting them on social media.

“We just make it for fun, really. We try and put a bit of a spotlight on small independent businesses that you get in rural areas where we are, and we try and show that we can offer just as much as your high street chains,” he said.

Adorable featured on a Christmas commercial.

For this year’s ad, Tom thought of featuring his 2-year-old son, Arthur, as the main star of the production.

The video follows Arthur throughout his day at the store. At the start of the video, he wakes up and prepares for his day by eating his breakfast cereals. He walks to the store and when he arrived, an elderly woman makes him wear an apron.

Arthur did everything that had to be done in the store. He fixed supplies, cleaned the floors and counters, arranged products on the shelves, and helped customers out, each time giving them a thumbs up before they leave.

During his break time, he dragged a basket full of stuffed toys and arranged them neatly against the paint cans and read to them.

One of the Christmas commercials touching hearts right now.

A particularly adorable moment was when he gift-wrapped a customer’s item and did so in a rather shabby way. Nevertheless, the customer accepts, and Arthur also gives him a cheerful smile and a thumbs up before he leaves the store.

The real meaning of the ad is revealed at the end of the video as viewers were encouraged to “Be a kid this Christmas.”

Christmas commercials this season of 2019.

Tom shot and edited the video all in a day with the help of his best friend, Josh Holdaway. Most of the $130 were spent on a recording studio and sound engineer for the ad’s soundtrack – a mellow version of Alphaville’s 1984 classic “Forever Young.”

“Arthur was brilliant — the jobs he was doing in the video were not out of the ordinary,” he told CNN. “He comes to the shop most days and tries to help out.”

As of writing, Tom’s Christmas commercial has been viewed 1.7 million times on YouTube. People are loving it for sure, and the fact that Arthur is a little cutie just makes the ad even more endearing.

Watch the video below and be inspired to be a kid this Christmas.