Apple will produce 1 million face shields per week for medical workers

Face shields, masks, and other personal protective equipment have been in short supply due to the high number of coronavirus cases and huge global demand. Manufacturers have been working non-stop to increase production, but supply remains limited. To support the supply chain, various companies in different industries are stepping in to support the development of … Read more

Dwayne Johnson sings ‘Moana’ song to help daughter with hand washing in adorable video

On Thursday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, shared an adorable Instagram video of himself teaching his youngest daughter a “Moana”-inspired hand washing technique. The wrestler turned actor played the voice of Maui, the shape-shifting demigod, in Disney’s 2016 animated film “Moana.” Now, amid the coronavirus outbreak, Johnson is teaching his soon-to-be 2-year-old daughter, Tiana, how to … Read more

Factory workers self-isolate in factory to keep making masks for medical workers

As countries continue their respective battles against the coronavirus, it has become increasingly crucial to ensure protection for people on the front lines. The unprecedented scale of the coronavirus pandemic has threatened to overcome many health care systems, easily exhausting medical personnel, including personal protective gear necessary to safeguard doctors, nurses, and other workers attending … Read more