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Therapy dog back on the Boston Marathon trail to cheer on runners

See this adorable Golden Retriever? This is Spencer, an 8 -year-old therapy dog who has been cheering runners at Boston Marathon for three consecutive years. He’s a certified good boy, and he also makes for a great cheerleader!

Spencer and his dad, Rich Powers, spread joy and comfort where it is most needed. The duo visits hospitals, schools, and senior centers, and the people there look forward to every visit from the cute pup.

For the past three years, Spencer has been bringing encouragement to one more set of people – runners – specifically the participants of the Boston Marathon.

During last year’s race, a video of Spencer holding two “Boston Strong” flags in his mouth while sitting on a crate went viral, garnering over 3 million views on Facebook.

Runners couldn’t get enough of the adorable pooch, and many stopped by to take photos of him. To protect him from the cold and rainy weather, Powers dressed Spencer in his blue coat.

Spencer’s presence proved to have a positive effect on the runners.

“We were there to motivate. And judging by the faces we saw running, it was a success,” Powers said.

Who wouldn’t be motivated by that cute face of his?

This year, the pair is continuing their tradition, and this time, Spencer came prepared for the weather! Sporting an attention-grabbing bright yellow raincoat to keep him dry, Spencer graced the sidelines of the race once again.

The pooch was stationed between mile 2.5 and mile 4 of the race, and just like last year, he held two “Boston Strong” flags in his mouth. Spencer looked content and happy just the way he is, cheering runners in his own unique way on their journey to the finish line!

Spencer’s sister, Penny, usually joins him in these types of events, but she doesn’t enjoy the rain. So for two years, it has only been Spencer cheering on the runners.

Hope we see Spencer once again for next year’s race!

If the weather is good, Penny might even be there – and two Golden Retrievers cheering you on the sidelines wouldn’t be so bad, right?

To see more of Spencer and Penny’s adventures, you may follow them on Facebook.

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