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Artist creates giant sculptures and hides them in Copenhagen’s forests

Danish artist Thomas Dambo is all about art with a purpose. One of his biggest projects yet are the giant sculptures that he placed within the forests of Copenhagen.



Thomas has been creating wooden giants and placing them around the forests in Copenhagen for about three years now. He says that part of the reason why he chose giant sculptures as his subject is that he wants to encourage people to visit out-of-the-way areas of the forest that they might otherwise miss.

And he seems to have succeeded in his plan. More and more people are starting to visit the area to witness his larger than life sculptures in person.



Thomas has a team of volunteers that he works with to help him speed up the process of building the sculptures. They assist him with bringing in the supplies and putting together the giants. And as a show of appreciation for their time and efforts, the artist names each giant after one of the volunteers.


The team works together to find and recover discarded wood. These materials are used to bring Thomas’ sculptures to life while staying true to the environment by not producing more waste.


Beside each giant is an engraved stone where a poem is written providing a clue to discovering other sculptures in the area as well as the unique aspects of the nearby forest.

But if you aren’t one for unraveling mysteries, Thomas has also created a map that will guide those who want to discover where his sculptures can be found and the area surrounding them.


Aside from the aesthetic purpose that it serves, each sculpture plays a role in the forest that will benefit humans and other creatures that inhabit it.

One sculpture named Teddy Friendly has an arm outstretched across a small stream. It serves as a bridge for people to cross over the other side while keeping their shoes dry. Another sculpture was built with more than 24 birdhouses to provide refuge to the forest’s winged residents.


This brilliant concept is unlike anything that the world has seen!

Take a look at the video below to see the giants within the forest and hear Thomas speak about the advocacy behind it.

Visit Thomas Dambo’s website to see more of his genius works and keep up with his latest projects. You may also follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

More photos below:

Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo

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