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Adorable stuff toys teach young generation to adopt shelter dogs instead of buying pets

A non-profit organization called Operation ResCUTE aims to inspire the younger generation to adopt dogs instead of buying their pets.

The group has found an interesting way to help shelter pets get adopted – by creating storybooks and stuffed toys inspired by real-life rescue dogs!

Each plush from the non-profit organization is designed to appear like a real rescue dog who beat all hardships with the help of kind humans. Every children’s book that comes with each stuffed toy tells the tale of how that dog was rescued and the amazing things that the canine has done since he was saved.

The concept began with the real-life story of a dog named Jingles who was rescued from the streets of New York City. Operation ResCUTE thought of using Jingles’ experience as an instrument to encourage animal-loving children to consider adopting instead of shopping for their pets.

Ever since Jingles’ story and stuffed animal replica was released, the non-profit organization has given several other rescue dogs the same plush treatment. It even attracted the attention of celebrities like Kristian Chenoweth along the way.

Their hope is that the “ResCUTE book and stuffed animal series will foster the development of emphatic and proactive young citizens who will be responsible to their surroundings and others less fortunate,” according to their website’s Mission page.

The best part about this whole initiative is that aside from giving rescue dogs the celebrity treatment and encouraging kids to adopt their pets, 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of plush toys and storybooks will go directly to animal shelters!

An amazon reviewer who goes by the name of Jessica has this to say about the stuffed toys:

“A tremendously touching story…for both children and adults! Fabulous concept and cause – 100% of proceeds donated to support local animal shelters. Colorful, fun illustrations and great packaging. Adorable plush toy…kids won’t put it down! Overall, a fantastic educational gift that sends a wonderful message to children and families…the perfect (affordable!) birthday or holiday gift for kids.”

Click HERE to buy a Jingles, Tanner, and Hudson stuffed toy and storybook of your own or as a gift to a loved one.

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