These young sisters dressed up as the ‘Hocus Pocus’ sisters — and they nailed it

Since it has been introduced by the Celts, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the most-awaited ‘trick or treat.’ 

During the ancient time, the Celts believed that demons roam in our land every Halloween, so to avoid being eaten by these demons, one should dress up to look just like them.

hocus pocus

Today, trick or treat is still one of the reasons why people, especially children, look forward to celebrating Halloween.

Aside from it being an opportunity to dress up in fancy costumes, it also gives children a chance to hone their creativity and imagination. Going out for a trick or treat is a fun activity that is twice as joyous when experienced together with other people.

Landri Grabenstein, a 6-year-old adorable girl, and her twin sisters namely, Alli and Maddi who are both 8 years old, took advantage of having sisters to trick or treat with.

hocus pocus

Just like how other kids with siblings wore coordinating costumes for the Halloween, the three charming sisters thought of doing the same thing.

Although there are still a few of weeks before Halloween comes, the three charming sisters have already become viral due to their unexpected and different but adorable spooky ensembles.

The citizens of the internet from all over the world could not keep themselves from going gaga over the three sisters’ matching look!

hocus pocus

Unexpectedly for their age and generation, Landri, Alli, and Maddi chose to look like the glamorous but spooky witches of the 1993 film Hocus Pocus.

With the help and support of their mother, Heather Grabenstein, the three sisters successfully channeled out the inner Mary, Sarah, and Winifred hiding within them.

hocus pocus

According to the doting mother, as soon as the calendar turned from the month of September to the month of October, the three sisters were already asking if they could watch the popular 90’s film Hocus Pocus.

“Oct. 1 rolls around and they’re asking, ‘Mommy, can we watch Hocus Pocus?’” Heather shared in an interview with Good Morning America. “They totally get into character, which is so funny.” She added.

The youngest sister, Landri dressed up like Mary. On the other hand, one of the twin sisters, Alli aspired to be Sarah. While the other twin, Maddi became Winifred. Each of the three sisters posed for a solo and a group picture, which were all uploaded on Heather’s Instagram page.

“‘I put a S P E L L on you!’ -Sanderson Sisters” The supportive and doting mother chose this caption to accompany the wonderful pictures of her daughters. And true to her words, her daughters had bewitched and stolen the hearts of the thousand viewers who saw their magical photos.

“They are the sassiest little things,” Heather admitted on the same interview that she already had an idea that their photo would be viral, however, she was not prepared with the overwhelming number of responses the photo garnered. “I thought it might go viral, but nothing like this.”

Heather said that this was not the first time her three daughters wore matching costumes to form an ensemble of characters that form one group.

Just a year ago, Heather dressed the three kids as superheroes, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn. A year before that, the three sisters went out to trick or treat sporting as The Powerpuff Girls.

Due to this year’s costume idea becoming viral, Heather thinks it will be hard for them to top their costumes in the coming 2019 Halloween. But, on a more positive note, Heather is confident that she and her daughters will be able to figure out something that would wow us better!

Did you find yourself reminiscing your own fun trick or treat memories after looking at their pictures? Why don’t you share your most memorable trick or treat experience down on the comment section?! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Photos and Video | Heather Rush Photography Instagram and Facebook

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