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Girl learns sign language so she can help people communicate with her deaf parents

An 8-year-old girl is proving to the world that children are capable of doing great things for their beloved parents as well. Cara, the living testament of the love between her parents with a hearing disability, learned sign language to be able to communicate better with them.

Her desire to be of help to her parents is painting a smile on the faces of people all over the internet.

“I can speak sign language because my mum and dad are deaf. They need help to know what’s happening.” The compassionate young girl said in a video, sharing her motivation behind her selfless decision.

Cara Mccartan also shared in her video about their techniques in easing up the process of communication with one another. For instance, a flashing device is installed in their home in order to alert her parents if there’s someone who needs to speak with them.

There is also an emergency button for alarming circumstances which Cara can hit anytime to call for immediate help.

“I have a call button so when something happens to mummy I can just hit it to call for help.” At a young age of 8, Cara seems to know a lot of things to cope up with her family’s unique situation. “She needs oxygen because she has cystic fibrosis, it infects the lungs.”

Cara also mentioned that her mom has cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition that builds up mucus in the lungs, clogging airways in the process.

Photo | Beltfast Telegraph

Last year, Cara was awarded the Spirit of Youth Award of Northern Island by Mr. Harvey Norman in recognition for her brave heroic act of saving her mother’s life.

Cara chanced on her mom’s bedroom and found out that she was turning blue and struggling to breathe. Thinking fast, Cara contacted the emergency services and after a few minutes, they rushed her mother to the Daisy Hill Hospital.

According to the doctors that took care of Sandra, if not for Cara’s fast thinking her mother wouldn’t be able to survive.

Cara met one of the members of One Direction, Niall Horan and had the time of her life when she attended the Northern Ireland Open together with her family.

“I met Niall Horan as my other prize for winning… Two of my friends were very jealous they were like ‘what!’ ‘what!'” Cara shared her ecstatic moment of meeting one of the popular boyband members of her generation.

“I am happy that I have two languages, English and sign language.  It’s really helpful so I can communicate with my family and friends with English and I’m happy that I can sign for my mum and dad.”

For a young kid, Cara sure has done a marvelous feat that an average kid or an adult won’t be able to do; and for her small frame, she sure has a big heart! She sure has shown the world that kids as young as her know how to translate care and love into concrete expressions.

Learn more about Cara’s story, watch her touching video below that truly proves that for the sake of their parents, children can go to great lengths too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.