10 thoughts on “You Must Always Believe”

  1. My wife left me almost a month ago and reading these positive thoughts help me through my motional moments; one person cannot make a marriage work that it takes 2 people and I am willing to work on it, she says she doesn’t know if she wants to be married or work on it after being together for 12 years and married for 9 years. I Continue to have hope that things will work out and these positive messages help ease the pain, thank you

  2. Just wanted to comment on David’s sharing. Thanks and feel for you, So many of us have these heartaches and its so nice to be able to write it down and know that some love and positive comments are there to help. Have faith that you are not alone.

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  4. Thank you so much for the positive quotes…my wife left me about two weeks ago for the third time….we have both made mistakes. I was almost a slave to the woman I loved and my self esteem was drowning in pain. It’s true they say love can be blind. I was called selfish and an addict. I have sacrificed having a family, hobbies in trade for money for marriage counseling. The short of what I have learned is that if you are not careful you can allow yourself to be manipulated into thinking you will need professional help the rest of your life or be told you cant change by the person you trust the most with your life ……rather than surrounding yourself with beautiful people who love you for your flaws and everything that makes you special good and bad. And in my opinion that is the best medicine….seeing your quotes has been so enlightening and touches my heart. Thanks!

  5. how do I order the two books and the calendar plus get my free magnet and book plate? Thanks! I want it all!

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