You can now buy a gift wrapping paper with your face on it — perfect for Christmas!

Christmas is the season of giving and nothing screams Christmas more than personalized presents. However, due to the demands of today’s society, creating DIY gifts or looking for personalized treasures to give our love ones with can be taxing.

Fortunately, there are companies who come up with innovative ideas that could give a personal touch to items that can be gifted to the special people in our life. From weaving a handcrafted scarf, engraving names to passport holders, to customizing a unique fragrant scent- the choices we have sure are getting more interesting.

Another way of giving your present a personal touch is by investing on the gift wrapper itself. Thanks to the creative minds of the people behind the Gift Wrap My Face company, you can now send gifts wrapped with your face! Now your friends who will receive a gift from you this year won’t have to guess where it came from because your face is practically branded on the gift wrapper. Isn’t that just sweet and HILARIOUS at the same time?!

Simply go to the website of Gift Wrap My Face to choose among their paper designs. Afterward, simply upload your own photo and crop your face in the best way it fits your chosen paper design. And since Christmas is just a few weeks away, you can customize your face on an adorable polar bear, a reindeer, Christmas elves, snowman, or even snowflakes!

If you think a Christmas-themed wrapping paper is too much for you, you can choose from other categories. You can customize your face on wrapping gifts featuring food such as donuts, bacon, and fries! Meanwhile, if your friend is such a hard-core comic fan, you can customize a wrapping paper with superhero designs.

Once you are satisfied with your chosen designs, you can print your personalized gift wrapper either in full roll or half roll sizes. A full roll which costs only $16.95 is already good for wrapping 3 medium sized gifts while a half roll can wrap 2 medium sized gifts for only $9.95!

Once you have placed your order, all you have to do is wait for 2 to 4 business days before your glorious Christmas wrappers land on your doorstep.

“My wife and I are both graphic artists,” Aryel Rivero, the co-founder of the innovative company shared. “About 4 years ago I made this gift wrap with my face on it. I printed it out and my wife loved it. We just kind of gave them out as gag gifts.”

Not long after, with the support and encouragement of his wife, co-founder Vanessa Clavijo, Gift Wrap My Face was launched to the public.

You may also play and explore around the website. Aside from using your own face, you may also print the face of your beloved pets, special someone, or even your whole family picture on the gift wrapper. Certainly, your friends and family will smile at the sight of your faces carefully wrapped around your gifts for them,

With Gift Wrap My Face’s simple yet charming idea, gift-giving sure has never been as interesting and fun as before! So what are you waiting for? Start making a list of the presents you’ll buy and start choosing the faces you want to print on your personalized wrappers!

Photos via Gift Wrap My Face

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