Abandoned dogs got a ‘fairy-tale ending’ when ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star adopts both of them

Guardians of the Galaxy actor and ex-WWE star Dave Bautista might be known for his intimidating look and bloody-red body paint as Drax, but ever since Thanos was defeated, he is now the guardian of two adorable 6-year-old pit bulls.

“I needed them, they needed me,” the retired wrestler wrote in his Instagram post. His two fur babies Maggie and Ollie were given up and separated after their previous owner delivered a baby.

The two canines are in his custody, he declared that Maggie and Ollie will spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved.

WWE star bonded with these two pit bulls.

His fans showered the post’s comment section with congratulatory messages—not just for Dave, but for the two cute pooches.

“Those two just won the dog dad lottery! We love you, Dave!” The Humane Society of the United States wrote.

Before the fairy tale ending, Maggie and Ollie had to endure plenty of obstacles before they met their new dad. The two dogs parted ways at the Hillsborough County Pet Rescue Center in Tampa, Florida.

The department director of the shelter Scott Trebatoski said that the two pit bulls must be kept together to make sure they won’t suffer from separation anxiety. Trebatoski believes that Maggie and Ollie separated because of constraints in the kennel space.

The bond between the ex WWE star’s pit bulls proved to be vital in surviving stressful situations, especially in their time at the shelter.

Jennifer Abrams of Animal Care Center in New York City tells TODAY how leaving dogs alone at shelter, particularly those who grew up as siblings, can be a source of intense stress.

WWE star with two rescued pitties.

Eventually, members of an independent volunteer organization called Rescue Me Tampa found out about the poor dogs in the shelter. “Please consider these two together. They just lost everything they knew and loved.

Although not kenneled together or listed as bonded, they have lived together since they were pups, so that, in our opinion, is BONDED!!” The organization wrote in a Facebook post on October 26th.

Shortly after posting Maggie and Ollie’s story, the Pitbull Mafia, a small group who rescue dogs on the verge of euthanasia in local shelters, took notice of the pit bulls’ tragic past. Upon the release of the two dogs, rescue members found out that they had a severe reaction to a flea infestation.

Both Maggie and Ollie had respiratory infections, 10 pounds underweight, and are malnourished.

The two dogs were given antibiotics and medication for flea and heartworm. With continuous observation and treatment, they eventually recovered and were back to their healthy weight.

WWE star hanging out with his rescued pups.

Patrick and Kim Thorpe fostered Maggie and Ollie for two weeks. Frankie’s Friends, a national organization, contacted the former WWE star. Bautista was an ambassador for the organization and has donated several times and is a known animal lover.

The actor has a tattoo of his pit bulls Frankie, Janie, and his late dog Sadie—Frankie’s Friends thought it was that Bautista was the perfect match for Maggie and Ollie.

The actor and ex- WWE star responded immediately. On November 12th, he met up with the organization and the two pit bulls. Captivated, Bautista adopted Maggie and Ollie without batting an eyelash. “The connection was mutual,” said Lisa Bricker of Frankie’s Friends.

If it weren’t for organizations, concerned respondents, and teamwork in the community, Maggie and Ollie would have suffered a different fate.

Thankfully, things worked out in the end. The two adorable pit bulls finally got a happy ending they deserved—living in a happy home with a loving dad.

Watch the video below and know the full story behind Maggie and Ollie:

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