She struggles while trying out a new yoga pose, watch the pup show her how it’s done

Dogs are such delightful creatures, although sometimes, they can cause a bit of a mess. They gnaw on our favorite shoes, rummage through our garbage bins when we’re not around, and worse, have accidents on the most inconvenient and hard-to-clean places!

Despite their naughty ways, our pets are there to make our days brighter every day. Aside from mischief-making, there is also one thing that dogs seem to be good at – yoga.

Take for example the video of this woman who was struggling to do the Eka Pada Sirsasana or the FootBehindtheHead Pose. In the clip, the woman can be seen sitting on her mat with her dog beside her. She tries doing the pose while instructing her dog to do the same.

As she awkwardly tries to lift her foot, her dog does it effortlessly with just one move! She obviously has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to yoga. The dog meanwhile, doesn’t even need a tutorial.

Yoga dogs don’t seem to be a rarity. Which makes us think, could this be an inherent talent? Dai Aoki, who works as a dog trainer in Australia, is the owner of two Border Collies named Ace and Holly. Incredibly, the two dogs can stand on their front legs or hind legs better than most yogis! Watch as Aoki does yoga exercise with his two intelligent pooches in this video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Another dog in Australia has the same talent. Her name is Secret and she is a 4-year old Australian Shepherd. Her owner, Mary, uploads their yoga sessions on her Instagram page, which has 353k followers as of writing. Watch the Instagram clip below as Mary and Secret as they lay down their mats and go through different yoga poses!

We never knew that yogi dogs were a thing. Maybe it’s time to try it out with your own pets – you’ll never know if your dog can be the next yoga star!

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