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Watch woman with Down syndrome gets dream job with airline for a day

Everyone has a dream, and for Georgia Knoll, it’s to be part of an airline cabin crew.

Georgia is an energetic 25-year-old woman with Down syndrome who constantly proves to everyone that people with disabilities are capable of so much more than others might believe. She’s done some modeling and runway work, and even became accidentally famous when she sneaked into the background of a live news report in Australia.

In November, she became an internet star once more after a video of her mimicking the moves of a flight attendant during a safety demonstration went viral on Facebook.

Georgia is indeed a spotlight magnet. Her famous clip caught the attention of Jetstar Airways, and the airline decided to make her dreams come true by allowing her to be part of their cabin crew for a day!

Georgia and her mother, Debra, met Jetstar employees at the airport. She was ecstatic beyond words for her day as a flight attendant. To make it official, the airline got her a uniform and her own set of wings!

During the flight from Brisbane to Mackay, Georgia greeted the passengers cheerfully and assisted with the safety demonstration. She also attended to the passengers’ needs and made sure that they were comfortable.

“Part of my passion being a flight attendant is making people happy,” Georgia said. And that is precisely what she did, according to her “colleagues” onboard.

“Georgia is so full of life and is great with our customers, she was such a fantastic addition to our team and we all felt so lucky to have her spend the day with us,” crew manager Nicky said.

Georgia had a blast throughout the whole experience, and it is certainly something that she will never forget.

“Everyone was so warm and welcoming. This is definitely an unforgettable experience,” Georgia’s sister, Kathryn, wrote on Facebook. “It’s a wonderful way to prove that our friends who have disabilities are just as capable as those who don’t. Georgia is all about promoting love and acceptance, and has always enjoyed being a ambassador for people who have disabilities.”

The airline uploaded a video of Georgia’s day as a flight attendant on their Facebook page, and it just proved how well she did! Her infectious smile and energy radiated all throughout, and every passenger that she met and talked to were all smiles with her. Indeed, Georgia had the natural power to make people happy with her kind and cheerful soul.

Witness Georgia’s awesome day as a member of the cabin crew in the video below.

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