Woman with Down Syndrome fulfills dream of becoming mail carrier

Any individual would want to apply for a job with a learning and development job description. Besides, aren’t those part of our objectives when taking on a profession – to learn and to develop?

For this 21-year-old woman with Down syndrome, it was no different. Grace Flannery of Cincinnati, Ohio, had one lifelong ambition – to become a mail carrier. And thanks to the United States Postal Service, this woman’s dream just became a reality – for a day, at least.

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Grace has always felt admiration towards postal workers ever since she was a little girl. She also believes that she could do the job well because of a particular set of skills that she possessed.

“I’m good at finding addresses and different roads,” Grace tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The Westwood Post Office offered Grace a one-day chance to live her ultimate dream. They allowed her to join their mail route one weekday. Of course, Grace was dressed for the part. She was suited up in a light blue button-down shirt and sported the navy shorts made especially for her by her grandmother, Penny.

learning and development job description
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Grace then joined mail carrier, Melissa Tilton, for her morning shift. The newbie postal worker knew exactly what to do on her first day on the job.

“I’m gonna say my name and I’ll shake their hands, and I’ll look them directly in the eye,” Grace said.

On the other hand, Melissa was glad to have company on her morning route. “When I heard Grace wanted to come along, I said, ‘Of course!’” she said.

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During the four-hour shift, the pair took on tasks that a regular postal worker does on a normal day. They began by sorting letters at the office, placing them into bags, and loading them onto a mail truck. Later, they drove to the assigned neighborhood, parked their vehicle at the end of a street, and started delivering to each home under the 90-degree heat.

Grace proved to be a great co-worker based on what Melissa had to say about her at the end of their shift.

“Grace’s attention to detail was spot-on — she did a great job matching the addresses on the letters to the correct homes. We need more carriers with her focus,” she said.

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Grace also wasn’t the shy type. In fact, she introduced herself to everyone that she met. As for her favorite moment, it was when she met a dog named Jay.

She’s also had mail experience back in high school. She had a paper route when she interned at Children’s Hospital, where she was entrusted to deliver 32 packages to various departments in five different buildings. Hopefully, her stint at the USPS will land her a full-time job soon, delivering mail internally at a company.

“She’s always looking for experience,” Michael Flannery, Grace’s father, said.

This was the kind of work that had a learning and development job description, and it was perfect for Grace and her goals.

“It was a great day having her carry mail for us, and Melissa was so, so happy today,” a spokesperson for the USPS said.

We’re so glad that Grace got her wish. Watch her in action below. Hopefully, this postal worker job will be permanent for her very soon!