Woman who lives alone in beautiful fairytale forest house now wants to share the experience with others

This is certainly not the treehouse of your childhood! Tiny House Giant Journey recently featured what can only be called a dream forest house, featuring beautiful woodwork and craftsmanship that blends the house with the trees.

Owner Suzanne, who lives alone in the amazing home, was happy to give a tour of the home that she has turned into a unique whimsical Airbnb

Walking through the house feels like taking a stroll through the woods. You get a memory of the treehouses you used to play in as children, but then you have all the conveniences of home, plus gorgeous interior design.

Suzanne used to live alone in the Forest House before she decided to rent it out.
Tiny House Giant Journey

Suzanne, a former teacher, lives alone in this incredible 399 sq ft tiny home with beautiful 13 ft tall ceilings.

Located on the beautiful Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, just off the coast of Washington State, the wistful home was built and created by the famous designer SunRay Kelley, who has made other similarly fairytale-like homes in his career.

Even someone who lives alone would enjoy the the beautiful forest house.

The finished home is a testament to the designer’s expertise with unconventional shapes and geometry. When Suzanne first saw the home, she was instantly drawn to it and bought it immediately.

An open deck connects the structures of the forest house.

The home sits within the forest and merges seamlessly with the trees. For eight years, Suzanne lived alone in the enchanting forest home and would wake up each day to enjoy fresh air, warm sunlight, and the songs of birds in the trees.

Unique doors with handmade door handles lead into the forest house.

How many people can sip their morning coffee on a porch looking out into the woods? It certainly seemed like a dream come true. The house is just as captivating at night since there are plenty of lights hung outside.

The forest house is accessible by ferry and the trip takes around one hour and twenty minutes. But the house is certainly worth the trip! Suzanne shared that the designer put his heart and soul into creating the home, and it certainly shows.

The circular main room includes a warm couch and custom book shelves.

The home is a masterpiece, and each part of the house is simply stunning. The house owes much of its charm to the geometry found throughout the complex.

The individual rooms are octagonal or curved, quite unlike the four-corner homes most people are used to.

A fireplace will keep the room warm and cozy.

They are all separated by cute wooden balconies. Suzanne loved the cathedral-shaped windows and the unique handmade door handles, which made the structure look like a hobbit’s home.

The house features 12 rooms, which was a challenge to decorate, particularly for someone who lives alone.

A table near the windows gives a great view while guests enjoy their meals.

Suzanne bought a curved couch and built a bookshelf to make room for her sizable book collection.

Hidden behind the beautiful woodwork is the home’s bath, laundry, and toilet, to keep the focus on the house’s creativity.

The forest house also has a well appointed kitchen.

Aside from the artistic woodwork, the home is distinguished by its three structures. Anyone who lives alone in the home may be overwhelmed by the size, but the interesting architecture makes the house a joy to live in.

The main structure comprises a living room with a kitchen, which has curved walls, a copper sink, and a cherry live edge alder. The second structure is the main bedroom, which is six-sided with big windows on one side.

The main bedroom has a cupola and a living roof.

It also has a cupola and a living roof. The third structure is the tower bedroom, which Suzanne uses when she lives alone in the house.

It sits even higher among the treetops and from there, she can see everything and even enjoy the stars at the night. It’s truly the perfect bedroom for a house fit for a fairytale.

The main bedroom is an airy and relaxing.
The tower room has the second bedroom.
The bedroom in the tower room sits higher among the treetops.
The bathroom has a sunken Japanese bath and beautiful outdoor views.

The main structures are connected by an outdoor deck, which is just as breathtaking as the rest of the house. The deck is open, cozy, and well-lit, all in keeping with the theme of the home.

The rail tops are huge and particularly distinctive. Suzanne loves them because she always wanted them to be big, and she would often read and eat there as well.

All the rooms look out into the lush forest.

And out of the many wonderful features of the house, the bathroom might be the best part! The small, round room has a deep Japanese soaking tub with a skylight and a gorgeous view.

The bathroom’s natural wooden colors make the room even more relaxing and especially inviting after a hard day’s work for someone who lives alone. Small windows provide a view of the peaceful outdoor greenery.

The outdoor deck is a great place to unwind and relax.

Suzanne might have had many wonderful years as she lived alone in the forest house, but now she is more than willing to share her experience with the rest of the world.

Now a vacation rental home, this woodland house is certainly a magical opportunity that one shouldn’t pass up.

Take a look at this amazing hobbit-like forest house:

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