Woman gives hilarious review of leggings she bought that did not rip as she slides down a mountain

Some of the funniest posts are truly internet gold. Originally posted in July 2020, a funny review of almost indestructible leggings resurfaced to give netizens some much-needed relief.

The viral endorsement of what was termed a trusty “fall fashion” item actually sent this Amazon product’s reviews through the roof.

Happy customer Cory H posted her review of this special pair of leggings, stating that the “RAYPOSE Women’s Yoga Running Capris Leggings are so good, they won’t rip even if you roll down a mountain.”

The post was accompanied by two photos of Cory wearing elastic pants in purple as she rolled on the rock face of a  mountain.

Cory's invincible leggings are available on Amazon.

The post continued, “Can I just say that I will be reordering them in every color. Here is me rolling and sliding down a mountain because I was too scared to get up. My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees.”

The 5-star review was titled “Order them now” and was voted helpful by nearly 18,000 Amazon customers since it was first posted.

Cory admitted she was too scared to go down the mountain on her feet and had to slide down against the rocks, but said the leggings survived. She also showed a great sense of humor by showing a picture of herself with face and body flat on the ground.

Amazon described the $21.99 pants as “non-see through and 4-way stretch.” The Raypose yoga pants is made of “sweat-wicking fabric” and is currently available in four different styles.

The entertaining but glowing review influenced quite a number of buyers and generated more positive reviews for the item!

Amazon customer Kimberly R. Kelly even reenacted Cory’s original pose of slipping down the mountain, and stated, “Mountain sliding legging lady was right! These Raypose leggings off Amazon are exactly as good as the lady in the reviews says. Glad I bought five!

Cory H posted the hilarious review of the leggings in 2020.
@emmycantread | Twitter

The leggings also have traction on Twitter, as @Jvallen1010 revealed that they too bought the leggings after reading Cory’s review.

They wrote, “I bought these leggings after seeing this review. They are amazing.” @JoeDoolittle also vowed to buy the leggings in every color available and tweeted, “The pic with her lying there with her face in the rocks is what really sells these leggings for me. I’ll be buying in every color as well.”

Others raved about what the benefits of the review for the company or the people who want leggings. @heathermdoyle tweeted, “I really hope the company gave her free leggings for life for that kind of solid endorsement. Because how can you not be sold when you read that.”  

@Rae_209 said, “What a public service this review is. Not all heroes may wear capes, but most of them do wear leggings.”  

And @hrmerm proclaimed, “This is the greatest testimony for leggings I’ve ever seen. Can I please hang out with this person???

Cory's hilarious review generated both sales and memes.

The ringing endorsement spawned more humorous memes and reviews and other similarly indestructible products.

The hysterical review came back to life this year after Twitter user @emmycantread posted a screenshot of the review and wrote, “I think about this twice per week.”

The tweet has been liked over 387k times and retweeted around 387k times since being shared on November 7.

These yoga pants are becoming legendary the way they keep going viral because of that one epic review. Most people were probably just looking for a good pair of leggings that would be comfortable during a workout.

The tweet that brought back the hilarious review of the Amazon leggings.
@emmycantread | Twitter

This true-to-life review, however, shows that these leggings practically invincible and are more than ready for a tougher challenge, such as sliding down a mountainside without shredding.

Overall, everyone had a great laugh, and got to know about a greater product that did the job and more.

The unintended but amazing advertisement and the good vibes that Cory has given the brand is just as good or probably even better than any celebrity endorsement out there.

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