After 2 years, this woman discovers that the plant she’s been watering is actually fake!

Aside from beautifying the home, studies have proven that indoor plants provide several benefits to their owners. A person feels more at ease with his environment when it’s full of greenery, which is the reason people feel less stressed when there are plants around them.

We often buy indoor plants that like direct sunlight as part of home decorations.

Plants also help improve air quality by exchanging gases and water with their surroundings, reducing carbon dioxide and dust levels, increasing humidity, and keeping air temperatures low.


A 24-year-old stay-at-home mom named Caelie Wilkes is a lover of plants, and her most favorite is the one she had in her home – a tiny and beautiful succulent.

These are indoor plants that like direct sunlight for at least 3 hours. Keeping it alive was a feat she felt proud of, given that she had accidentally killed a similar plant in the past.

Caelie received the plant as a gift and researched how to care for it properly. Dedicated to prolonging its life, she devised a watering plan for it and didn’t allow anyone else to do so.

For two years, she displayed the plant on her kitchen window and made sure that it keeps its healthy look. Sometimes, she would even wash its leaves. It was clear how much Caelie loved that succulent.


Thankfully, all her hard work paid off; the succulent maintained its “beautiful coloring” and was an “overall perfect plant.”

Last month, however, Caelie made a shocking discovery – the gorgeous plant she had been diligently caring for was actually fake!

Caelie discovered that the plant was artificial when she decided to re-pot after getting it a new container.

“I decided it was time to transplant. I found the cutest vase,” she wrote in a Facebook post detailing the funny discovery. “I go to pull it from the original plastic container to learn this plant was FAKE.”


Pulling the succulent out revealed that it was sitting on styrofoam decorated with ‘soil’ glued to the top.

“I feel like these last two years have been a lie,” Caelie ended her post.

Her hilarious story went viral on Facebook and caught the attention of Home Depot. That same day, the hardware store chain was kind enough to send her a real succulent.

“They (Home Depot) found the closest Home Depot and had them on my doorstep the same day,” Caelie told Eyewitness News.


Caelie got the plant as a gift from the father of her two children, who also thought it was real. The two had a great laugh about the incident when she told him it was fake.

As for the artificial succulent, Caelie decided that she would go ahead and re-pot it anyway, saying that she’s “not going to give up on it now.”

What a hilarious mistake! Have you ever fallen victim to a similar ‘fake plant’ incident? Share your funny story in the comments!

2 thoughts on “After 2 years, this woman discovers that the plant she’s been watering is actually fake!”

  1. I have ordered a few plants online and they have grown into beautiful big Christmas cactus, so when I saw an ad for tiny little succulents I ordered two. They came and were very pretty, but after looking at them very closely discovered that they were also fake. I contacted the company and asked for a refund, and now they want me to prove that I bought them! They have my order number and the amount I paid, plus shipping date and tracking number; why do I have to prove what they sold me?! I guess I’m ‘an idiot.’

  2. Have you ever fallen victim to a ‘fake plant’ incident?
    NO! I’m not an idiot – I know the difference. I’m sad for the future of the world.

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