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Kind-hearted pizza delivery woman goes above and beyond to assist homeowner in need

They say that angels live with us, disguised in the goodness of other people. This old belief was proven true when Angela Nguyen, a pizza delivery woman gave Lee Haase, a customer, a gift everyone can afford to give, kindness.

It was a normal day for Angela, delivering delicious pizzas out in the outskirts of Anoka County for how many years. One instance, she stumbled upon a customer whose life she would touch and change.

Angela delivered pizza for Lee Haase, a man who suffered from unfortunate events that turned his world upside-down.

Lee used to have it all, a warm house and a loving family. Take it all away, and you’ve got a man who has nothing more valuable to lose. The house Lee worked hard for was damaged by a storm, making it unsuitable to live in.

To make things worse, Lee found himself devastated by the loss of his son. Losing his son due to a snowmobile accident, Lee’s heart and motivation to live life, was irreparable.

Having no family to live with, Lee decided to move in a 12-foot camper alone. He had to live in a camper that has no heat, no plumbing, and no electricity. It is quite hard to imagine how someone could live in such place and call it home, especially when the temperature is dropping.

It was Angela’s compassionate daughter, Sarah, who discovered Lee’s living condition and notified her mother about it. Angela couldn’t bear the thought of letting someone live in a condition like Lee’s.

“We got to do something. We can’t let a human being live like this.” Angela stated in an interview, stressing how important it is to do something for Lee.

We’ll keep you warm this winter… and loved.” Angela said to Lee, bringing the heater she bought for his camper in hopes of making Lee’s living space as comfortable as possible. Angela’s concern for Lee did not stop from that, in fact it was just the beginning.

Wanting to make Lee’s life better she also created a GoFund Me page for him, hoping to raise money for Lee’s new home. Thankfully, due to the goodness of other people, donations poured in. Within two months, Sarah was able to gather a whopping amount of $32,360 from the donations.

Just in time for Christmas, Sarah surprised Lee with a new trailer which is fully furnished! “It’s so wonderful, I’m so grateful for the people doing this,” a touched Lee expressed his gratitude for the people who helped him.

“Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited.” Sarah shared, thankful for the support given by the people to help Lee find his way back on his feet again.

Watch the video below and witness how a pizza delivery woman helped a hopeless man who lives alone, believe and try again in life.

Photo and Video | HumanKind

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.