Woman covers dog with her own jacket so he can stay warm while waiting outside

Our pets hold a very special place in our hearts that no one and nothing can ever replace. And because we love them so much, we are willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that they always feel safe and cared for.

This is exactly what one woman was caught doing by some people waiting for their bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kristina Hollie and her co-worker were waiting for their bus when they spotted an adorable dog running errands with his owner.

Courtesy of Kristina Hollie

His mom was getting ready to go inside the post office and sadly couldn’t take the pooch in with her. So, she began to tie his leash to a tree.

What she did next warmed the hearts of everyone watching – she took her jacket off her back and put it on her dog.

“It was very cold and windy out,” Kristina told The Dodo. “I noticed that he was visibly shaking. She obviously noticed too because she immediately took off her jacket and covered the dog as he sat. Maybe she thought he would kick it off, so she bent down and zipped it up around him!”

Courtesy of Kristina Hollie

The obedient pup sat completely still as his mom covered him with her green jacket, obviously loving the warmth that it provided.

His owner clearly would have taken him inside the post office if she could – and since she couldn’t, she wanted to make sure that he’d feel as comfortable as possible until she got back. Even if she knew that she would be gone for only a few minutes, this dog mom loved him enough to make him wear her jacket.

“As soon as she got up and walked past me, I told her that what she did was incredibly sweet and thoughtful,” Kristina said. “She just replied, ‘Thank you! I don’t want him to be cold!’”

Courtesy of Kristina Hollie

His mom went inside the post office and left the pooch on the sidewalk. As expected, the adorable-looking pup caught a lot of attention from bystanders. People passing by couldn’t help but take photos of him looking cozy in his jacket.

“I saw two or three other people walk past him and comment that he looked very cute and very warm,” Kristina said.

It’s beautiful to see the sweet little things that a pet owner does for their dogs. Our loyal companions truly deserve all our love, care, and attention – it is the best way for us to repay them for their loyalty and unconditional love!

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