We’re All Headed In The Same Direction

Nowadays we don’t even treat ourselves very well! We knowingly consume things that are bad for us, continue working at jobs we hate, and don’t spend half as much time relaxing as we do stressing. Come to think of it, we ARE treating others the way we treat ourselves: poorly! We feed our children junk food, opt for cheap instead of quality even when it matters, rarely give anyone our undivided attention, and demand a lot more from others than what is reasonable or even possible. Let’s try something new: let’s treat everybody as if we just found out they’re about to die. Why? Because it seems that’s the ONLY time we slow down enough to get a new perspective on life—either then or when we have a near-death experience ourselves. Be gentle, patient, kind and understanding. We’re all headed in the same direction, so let’s start treating each other better along the way!Timber Hawkeye

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6 thoughts on “We’re All Headed In The Same Direction”

  1. Be Patient, Kind, Gentle is my nature – just to see a member smile when they leave after shopping bring joy to my heart. I see many people everyday so sad heartbroken and if I can bring a little joy into their life it helps me make it through the long hours I work each day. My whole being is out to make people happy and I am just learning to also love myself. I am not out to get anything back but just a smile and thoughtful word to me makes my day!! I meet so many people who need positive in their lives and just to see a little joy for a short time is worth just being kind and smiling laughing with this member.

  2. If we educate ourselves and others on how to release the fear of intimacy and act compassionately instead, we can create a better society. Yes it’s a struggle, but like all obstacles it can be overcome.
    Always spread the love.

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