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Weatherman has best reaction after a little dog interrupts the broadcast

The weather forecast portion of the news is typically uneventful, which is why most people tend to change the channel whenever it comes on. Besides, television is not the exclusive source for weather updates nowadays, as almost everyone owns a smartphone and has internet access.

But this particular broadcast caught the viewers’ attention because a surprise guest came in during the weatherman’s live report – someone he could never have predicted would share the stage with him.

Khambrel Marshall, a member of the KPRC Local 2 Severe Weather Team, delivers the weekend forecasts to viewers in Houston. While delivering one of his usual live weather reports on a Sunday morning, something unexpected showed up on the studio. Within seconds of its appearance, Khambrel noticed his surprise guest – a fluffy and white little dog!

Facebook | KPRC 2 Houston

Oh, look what I got here!”, Khambrel said excitedly upon seeing the dog casually making its way to him. Instead of being caught off guard, Khambrel handled the situation like a real professional.

You wanna do this segment with me? Come on, do this segment with me.”, he said as he picked up the clueless pooch.

Facebook | KPRC 2 Houston

Upon nestling the dog in his arms, the weatherman’s demeanor immediately shifted. From delivering the forecast with a serious face and tone, he became more laid-back, even giving tips on how pet owners could keep their fluffy companions safe from the incoming heat wave.

It was apparent that Khambrel was a dog lover. He even addressed the pup at one point during his report and apologized to him when he realized that he was talking a bit too loud in his ear.

Who would have thought that they would make for such an extremely adorable duo?

Facebook | KPRC 2 Houston

The little pup’s name is Angel, and he is a shelter dog. He was supposed to appear on a segment of the show aimed at finding him a forever home, but he couldn’t wait to get into the spotlight and appeared earlier than intended.

After the weather forecast, Khambrel got to know more about the dog as he interviewed Rachel McAlister, a volunteer for the Houston Humane Society, who was with Angel during the segment. According to her, Angel is a poodle mix and is over a year old. His former owners surrendered him because they found out that they were not able to have pets because of their place of living.

Screenshot via YouTube

Rachel says that Angel is “very sweet” and “does not shed.” She also thinks that the dog’s current size is the biggest that he could get due to his breed. The interview was surely fun to watch, as Khambrel obviously couldn’t resist petting the little dog as he scooched in closer to the weatherman.

Hopefully, this exposure catches the attention of good-hearted pet-owners and inspires them to make Angel a part of their family.

Watch the video below to see Khambrel and Angel share the stage.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.