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We Are One

By Dodinsky

I see Americans and Muslims apologizing to each other for the actions of a bigoted few from their own ranks. That makes me think the human race has a future. Americans saying sorry for the video that blasphemed, mocked and ridiculed their religion. Muslims saying sorry for the violence the fundamentalists have wrought over something majority of Americans did not do or condone. It makes me believe the road of empathy is far busier than path of the violence.

Our role is to make sure the voice of reason and compassion do not drown in the noise of hatred trumpeted by the few intolerant people. They maybe more organized and louder than us, but we are far numerous. We can take them not through violence, but by saying no matter how much you try to separate us with hate–WE ARE ONE WITH OUR HOPES FOR A BETTER WORLD.

Extremists on both sides triumph if you start lashing out at the entire population they try to misrepresent. This is not a political statement and it shouldn’t be spun around with bias. It is simply a belief that the actions of others do not necessarily speak for all humanity.

“I do not judge people by the scriptures of their faith or the scars from their past, I embrace them by the content of their hearts.” — Dodinsky

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Thursday 11th of December 2014

Good will always conquer over evil. I believe that humans need to find balance in their life. In this time and age there is a lot of the negative energy that I can feel some days more then other days. But we can overcome this energy by having balance in our lives by not only using our minds for thinking, because our minds can play tricks sometimes or see things that are not really there. So how we can control what we human been trying to understand about the human mind. By not only using your mind but to listen to your heart also this is where you will find the balance that is needed to control your mind of negative thoughts. If people start to feel with their hearts more then to use the mind that can easily be controlled and brainwashed will the heart can forgive for what they do not know and/or they do not understand what life is suppose to be. We can do this, one human, one day, one heart, and one mind can work together in harmony if humans believe that balance in each others life is the first step into why we are here. So strive for the middle, the center, balance, and look straight ahead cause use humans are worth saving.

Ian Nutley

Tuesday 11th of November 2014

Totally Agree


Monday 17th of September 2012

The Golden Rule is still Golden....let's do unto others what we would like done to us. Tolerance is a virtue we must ALL practice and not retaliate when someone does harm to another. Pray for the enemy so that his heart is made more loving and pray for strength for all of us to carry this out.


Sunday 16th of September 2012

This was uplifting, thank you.

Lisa Colvin Holaday

Sunday 16th of September 2012

Well said and I agree!

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