Waiter refuses to serve customer who insulted boy with Down syndrome

It is easy to show sympathy with other people, but not all are brave enough to empathize and stand up for others.

As the old saying goes, “strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others”.

A waiter has gone viral online when he embodied the old saying and stood up, and even risked his job for one of his customers.

This waiter came to the defense of a special needs child.

It was a normal Wednesday night, Kim Castillo, together with her family and five-year-old son, Milo were having a nice and warm dinner on a restaurant called, Laurenzo’s.

The family is a regular customer and seeing Kim’s son who has Down syndrome, dropping by the restaurant makes the waiters happy.

Milo smiling

A dinner that is supposed to be filled with warmth and love almost turned sour, when a family beside the Castillo’s table decided to move tables.

At first glance, the decision of the family to move their tables away from the Castillo’s doesn’t seem to mean much, until one of family members opened their mouth.


“Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” A waiter named Michael Garcia who is serving their table, heard the tasteless remark of one member of the family.

Risking his tip and his job, Micheal stood up for Milo. He blatantly told the family that he refuses to be of service to them.

A decision he was very firm of, despite the family claiming that they would leave without service.

For Michael, the customer’s comment is like saying someone cannot come in to the restaurant because of their skin color, and so he found himself relating to Milo’s situation.

Although Kim and Milo are frequent customers of the restaurant, still the protective mother, Kim did not expect that Michael would put his job on the line for Milo, and for that she is very grateful.

Fortunately for Michael, his bold and kind act of empathy was well received not only by his friends and family, but as well as the Laurenzo family, the owner of the restaurant he works for.

“Customer is not always right, they’re not always right. A situation like that we all need to watch out for our children.” Bill Baker, a patron of the restaurant supported Michael’s bold move.

Watch the video below to learn more about Michael, the waiter who is not afraid to defend someone who couldn’t defend themselves, and put his source of bread on the line to stand up for what is right!

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