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Little girl makes everyone burst into laughter with her Taekwondo moves

Little girl’s ‘amazing’ Taekwondo moves wins the internet.

They say that children are great imitators. Hence, if you want your child to be prepared for the challenges of the world, give them something great to imitate.

It is also notable that children are fast learners, they also have an impressive ability to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Hence, some parents enroll their kids in different child-friendly courses such as art workshop, piano workshop, swimming camp, and martial arts program in order to hone their skills at an early age.


However, although children are fast learners, still, it is undeniable that they need a patient instructor and lots of opportunities to practice before they master a new skill.

One little girl has become viral online for her Taekwondo moves. Just like other kids her age, her parents decided to enroll her in a program that will teach her how to defend herself through Taekwondo.

The little girl garbed in a white Taekwondo uniform along with a blue cape tied around her neck is learning how to kick wooden planks. Her series of attempt to break the wooden planks into pieces is truly adorable!


The lesson began with the patient coach extending her foot towards the plank, demonstrating to the little girl how she should stomp her foot on the plank in order to break it.

The little girl obediently followed her coach’s example, unfortunately, her stomp was too weak to break the wooden plank.

Not giving up on the adorable little girl, the coach patiently told her to stomp her foot harder by demonstrating it on the floor.

Unfortunately, the girl took her coach’s instruction way too literally. She continued her lesson by stomping on the floor instead of the wooden plank!

The cute misunderstanding earned the laughter of the people who were watching and supporting the little girl.

When the coach realized that the little girl did not understand her, she lifted her foot and gently kicked the wooden plank. However, the little girl continued to stomp the floor instead.

Being a dedicated coach, the woman garbed in the Taekwondo uniform tried to teach the little girl for the third time, this time she pointed her finger towards the wooden plank, informing the little girl where her target is.


However, just like before, the little girl misunderstood the instruction once again and pointed her finger to the plank as well, earning another round of laughter from the audiences.

Her dutiful and dedicated trainer did not give up on her. With patience and understanding, the coach proceeded on teaching the girl how to break the wooden plank by stomping on it.

After a few minutes, another Taekwondo coach, a male trainer this time, approached the little girl to help her as well.


However, the girl was not able to break the wooden plank with her lilliputian force. After a few more tries, the female coach decided to lift the girl instead and the little girl’s whole body crush the sturdy wooden plank.

All of the people watching the little girl’s Taekwondo moves rejoiced when she finally broke the wooden plank!


The adorable video of the obedient girl who followed all of her coach’s instruction became viral, garnering more than 4 million views on Facebook alone.

Though the little girl found it hard to break the wooden plank into pieces, painting a smile to people across the globe sure is an easy task for her!

Watch her adorable video below and see for yourself how the charming little girl was finally able to defeat the wooden plank!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.