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Viewer uses inheritance money to buy grand piano for 11-year-old prodigy after seeing him on TV

In a viral TV news clip, a little boy was shown toying with piano keys like a professional. It amazed a lot of musicians including Bill Magnusson, a professional piano tuner.

The kids’ incredible piano skills hit him so hard that he used his inheritance money to buy him a grand piano.

Jude Nyame Yie Kofie is a typical 11-year-old boy who loves trying different activities. This was what his father thought until he heard him playing the piano like an expert.

Jude playing the grand piano


He was shocked, knowing that no one had ever taught his son to play this musical instrument. It also looked like he knew all the piano keys very well.

“One day, I was watching the news when I heard him play some tune, and there was a small keyboard down the basement, so I grabbed my phone and said, ‘Jude, can you play that again?”

This wonderful surprise was captured by the camera and Jude’s video immediately went viral online.

He was also featured on Denver’s ABC7 where he once again amazed a lot of viewers with his astounding musical prowess.

Very charmed by Jude’s talent, professional piano tuner Bill Magnusson called the station to know more about the child.

Jude’s father said in the news that there was no way he could buy his child a grand piano so Magnusson thought of helping them.

Magnusson thinks that Jude is at a “Mozart level” and he believes he will grow as a real musician.

Jude and Bill spending time with each other

Source: The Kofie Family

He wanted to support Jude so he gifted him with a grand piano which he bought using the money he got from his father’s inheritance.

He said that he knew his father would have also wanted to help such a talented and deserving child.

According to Magnusson, hearing Jude plays the piano is like “looking at the face of God.”

He believes that the boy will go far in the musical industry with continuous practice. This is why he also got him a piano teacher called Mr. Sullivan.

Jude toying with the piano keys like an expert


He lives in the same town as Jude and they have been getting along so well. “He’s so hungry to learn more,” Magnusson said.

“The ripple effects for the next 70 or 80 years are incalculable. It’s not just for him. It’s for all the people he’s going to touch.

Jude’s father is very grateful for all the help and support they got from Magnusson as well as his teacher, Mr. Sullivan.

Jude's new grand piano


He is very happy that his son is also inclined to music like him. He mentioned that he was a musician in Ghana before moving to America.

“I had that dream of being able to play on a big stage but I got here and I couldn’t do it so I want the kids to do it,” said Jude’s father.

He also shared his son’s health problems since he was a baby. Sadly, Jude has autism and was born with low oxygen levels.

He had to have heart surgery as a baby to repair a hole. He also had a feeding tube in his stomach until he was 8 years old.

Nonetheless, Jude is a fighter and his vibrant spirit makes him healthier and better each day.

Jude is now all over YouTube, showing the world how great he is with the piano keys. He also plays the piano at weddings and church.

He keeps stunning a lot of people and making their day with his musical ingenuity. Thanks to a stranger’s heart-warming kindness and support, this little boy can go a long way with his amazing talent.

Watch this video and see how Jude’s talent was discovered and how a stranger went out of his way to help him and support his dreams:

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