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Veteran posts dying wish on Facebook, then next day, hundreds of bikers show up to grant it

Because of their big and strong demeanor, bikers are often thought of as troublemakers, dangerous, and intimidating. But more than a hundred of bikers proved to the world that these descriptions are far from their personality when they gathered together to grant a veteran’s dying wish!

Mr. Jon Stanley, a terminally ill veteran only has one wish in life that he wanted to fulfill before he breathes his last breath. And that is hearing the sound of revving motorcycles engines before he kicks the bucket. According to his family, Jon is fond of motorcycles and had a strong attachment to his bike.

Thus, when the veteran was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer with a bleak chance of survival, Jon was informed of his numbered days.

Not wanting his brother-in-law to leave without the fulfillment of his last wish, Michael Smith reached out to a biker enthusiast named David Thompson.

Jon’s brother in law Michael Smith had reached out to biker David Thompson.

“I was contacted this morning about 6:30 this morning by Mike Smith through Facebook—and he informed me about Jon, you know he’s terminal, and he’s not looking really good, and one of his wishes was to hear a bunch of motorcycles out his window,” David recounted. The kind and compassionate biker agreed to Michael’s plea and actively helped in gathering other bikers who would love to grant Jon’s dying wish.

In order to reach out a number of bikers who would volunteer and join his cause, David shared the score about Jon’s condition on Facebook. Written in his post are:

“Sometimes a dying person’s last wish is just to hear the sound of a Harley in their window. This is Jon Stanley he has terminal cancer. I personally met with his family this morning and learned Jon is a vet and was an abate member who has [ridden] for years.

This is his new Harley he just got and only rode 3 times! I know this is short notice but bikers take care of bikers! We will meet at Walmart on Ireland Rd at 6 pm and kickstands up at 6:30 tonight 6/12/20017 to ride out to Jon’s house to show him and his family some love and make some noise for him!”

In a short period, David’s convincing Facebook post spread like wildfire and quickly garnered an initial of 800 shares. Hours later, dozens of bikers reached out to help David create a heartwarming fulfillment of Jon’s last wish.

“A lot of people think motorcycles are loud and obnoxious, but you know, we’re a big brotherhood, and we take care of each other,” David said, hoping that people will stop stereotyping bikers.

True to David’s words, bikers indeed know how to look after one another. More than one hundred bikers who responded positively to David’s request gathered at the local Walmart, after which all rode together towards Jon’s home.

Jon’s family cannot suppress their emotions from overflowing upon witnessing the bikers thoughtful surprise for Jon.

“Knowing that all this happened for one man. All he ever wanted was him and his wife on that Harley.” Liliana Ramirez, Jon’s granddaughter, tearfully shared.

Jon, who was too sick to be sitting on his own beloved Harley Davidson bike, was helped by fellow bike enthusiasts to spend a serene time with his wife as they sit side-by-side on one of the bikes.

“He got to get on a bike one last time, and that was great,” Kristy, Jon’s daughter, recalled, happy about the fulfillment of her father’s wish.

“That’s the last thing he heard, the revving, the bikes. I know he’s happy.” Brenda, Jon’s treasured wife, shared how happy Jon was during his last day.

Sadly, Jon passed away the night his final wish was granted. Although the family is mourning for losing such an honorable and wonderful man, they are at peace knowing the veteran’s final wish came true.

“He heard the bikes. He heard them,” Brenda said, and that is all that matters!

Watch how David and the team of compassionate bikers made a veteran’s final wish come true… Proving to the world that heroes not only wear cape, they ride motorbikes too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.