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Vans newly released Van Gogh fashion line inspired by the iconic artist’s paintings

Vincent Van Gogh’s beautiful and expressive works of art are not only exclusive to his paintings alone. Vans, the company popular for manufacturing skateboarding shoes, has teamed up with Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam to produce their newest collection!

Incorporating the marvelous and expressive works of Van Gogh in their shoes and fashion apparel, Vans launched a fascinating collection that is truly a masterpiece!

For their splendid collection, Vans chose to feature five of the iconic artworks painted by Van Gogh, and one illustration of his letters to his brother. The iconic masterpieces include his famous Sunflowers, the Skull, Old Vineyard With Peasant Woman, the Almond Blossoms, and his self-portrait.

Consistent with their collaboration, the insides of each shoe feature a customized foot-bed that mimics brushstrokes of the renowned artist. In addition, each pair of shoes comes with a tag which contains historical facts related to the featured artwork. Isn’t that amazing?!

Here is a sneak peek of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks that truly came alive in a fashionable and stylish way!

Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait on sneakers!

Vincent Van Gogh’s the Sunflowers will surely make your casual look extra-interesting!

Vincent Van Gogh’s the Skull will surely express your angst in life!

Vincent Van Gogh’s the Almond Blossoms will surely remind you to bloom where you are planted!

Vincent Van Gogh’s the Old Vineyard With Peasant Woman sure makes a beautiful pair of sneakers as well!

Even Vincent Van Gogh’s letter to his brother makes beautiful sneakers anyone would love to wear!

The Vans’ collaboration with Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam also features jackets, caps, t-shirts, and a bag inspired by his expressive artworks!

Although the troubled artist, Van Gogh, was not able to see the success of his dreams, his contribution to arts is truly significant. In fact, a lot of people already cannot wait to get their hands on this limited-edition selection! Surely, with this special collaboration, a lot of people will be touched and inspired by Van Gogh’s greatest iconic works!

Photos | Vans

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.