Our Apologies

Hello dearest subscribers,

We’re so sorry that we forgot to mention we are on a one month vacation mode. We will be back in the first week of August, BIGGER and BETTER. On our Positive Outlooks Facebook page we will try our best to post at least once in a while. We thank you for your loyalty and support.

Your emails asking what happened to us made us feel wanted… so THANK YOU!


Positive Outlooks Team

21 thoughts on “Our Apologies”

  1. I pray you are having a great vacation, looking forward to your refreshed return. I look forward to my daily poems a inspirational quotes from you, you are missed!!!

  2. Dear all,

    That’s true , we miss you easily…

    Enjoy your holidays!

    Thanks for all this usefull posts in the past and looking forward for more after!

    Kind regards,


  3. Can’t wait to hear again from u.God bless!
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  4. I am so glad that now I know the reason. I was wondering why I was not receiving your mails.

    Just love your quotes and love waking up to them everyday. Somehow each day I get a quote that is exactly what I need. Amazing! Thank you.

  5. Thanks for all the positive message..really great…it helped me a lot….Thanks…Sent from my Huawei Mobile

  6. “*•••«thanks»•••*” a lot and I’m going to miss Positive Outlooks big time.
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  7. thank you for letting me know, you are my therapist, counselor, my lifted spirits and strength

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